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Hello -

can't find an inverted 0|1 option for buttons and I really, really need it.  See that option for other DIN configurations (keyboard/matrix etc)  but not for just the simple BUTTON event.  Am I missing something?  I did check the NG documentation and searched the forum.   (Inserting another layer of electronics to invert the signals is not an option,  nor is a complicated software trick).  Seems that "inverted 0|1"  should be an option in the BUTTON statement,  as it is for other types of DIN reads.  Am thinking about making this a formal feature request,  but thought I should post first as a question in case I'm all wet and missing something obvious.  





Tacoma WA USA




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I think this exaple can help: 

EVENT_BUTTON id=  1  type=CC  chn= 1 cc= 16  range=  0:127
EVENT_BUTTON id=  1  type=CC  chn= 1 cc= 16  range=  127:0

Have a look here:

in this part...:

bullet.gif EVENT_* 

The EVENT_* commands confgure "virtual control elements" which will act as a MIDI event source and/or destination:

EVENT CommandDescription
EVENT_BUTTONA button can send a MIDI event whenever it's pressed or depressed. If pressed, the maximum value of the specified range will be sent (typically 127), if depressed the minimum value (typically 0). In toggle mode, the on/off state will be updated when it receives the same event.


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Thank you, Novski, for your quick reply and your ideas.    I did see this suggestion of yours posted elsewhere in the forum,  and I have studied the EVENT_BUTTON documentation.  

I have keyboards (non-matrix - just one line per key) that are running through ULN2803s for voltage translation into DIN.   So I have active-low inputs.  The inputs are normally at +5 (by pull-ups),  when a key is pressed they go to 0.  Active low inputs are not at all unusual.  

What I need is for EVENT_BUTTON to work just as it does (which, by the way,  is beautifully!)  but with inverted (active-low) inputs:  to send a Note_On when the key is pressed,  and a Note_Off when the key is released.  

I did try your idea today,  and also tried things such as using type=NoteOff  instead of type=NoteOn with the EVENT_BUTTON statement.

Using type=NoteOff only sends Note_Off msgs:  it does not send Note_On msgs.  

There may be a software trick to get this to work with all Note_On messages,  but I would hate to settle for that:  I really like to be able to track MIDI msgs and have them be standard and make sense.  

Another objection to a software trick is just an aesthetic objection:  with normal inputs I can write a configuration file that is clean, logical and makes sense.  

I am now convinced that we really need an option of inverted 0|1 (default 0)  in the EVENT_BUTTON.  

Do you agree or am I missing something?  

Should I post this request as a new thread? 

Thanks again for your reply and I will be looking forward to reading your thoughts on this.  





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