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each track remember what Layer is Edditing


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hi there

got 2 proposal


that you can set if each track remember's its parameter AND trigger layer which is edited

for example in OPTIONS you can set this separately for Parameter and Trigger layers

could be very handy



found out that in my seq DELAY range is 1..96


seems when tunring encoder closckwise that "in background" it goes till 127

cause when turn once to the left is not decrementing the value

i counted the steps and always after 33 steps starts decrement

maybe is possible to change that


thank you in advance



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I added 1) to the wishlist, but (as requested) it will only be an option, because I think that most users won't like this behaviour.

To 2) it's only a minor issue which is difficult to fix, therefore I will let it as it is

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Option 1) has been implemented in V4.090

And meanwhile I think that other users might like it as well, because it also solves another issue recently reported: aside from the parameter/trigger layer selection, we also restore the instruments (-> drum patterns) and step view.

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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