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  1. yes it is! result is amazing! thank you TK kind regards
  2. yes i suppose is just minor thing to straight out in code if you go to Menu -> Midi ->Transpose and Arp ,there yes you can set CHANNEL to AUTO BUT if you go to Utility -> Jam -> MIDI ,there you CAN'T set Midi channel to AUTO,instead is showing Channel #18 but as i said i suppose is little thing to straight out we just need to wait and give careful and precise feedback and as always THANK YOU TK for your time i feel if this works out correctly it will be huge upgrade for live perfomance capabilities of MBSEQ v4. thank
  3. Auto channel works! only thing is when i send on Midi channel #5 is switching to Track #1 seems it do not switch to the next group Morph works good so far! Kind Regards
  4. that was quick... amazing! running tests! THANK YOU TK!
  5. Exactly! thank you for such quick response best regards Kazik
  6. hello everyone While working with MORPHING(mbseqv4),i thought would be great to be able , to have option that when called(puch button) leaves currently Morphed values and sets Morph back to zero This way you could quickly build patterns just from using Morph thank you for your time Kazik
  7. hi Tk thank you for considering this idea "Auto" Channel is exact idea kind regards Kazik
  8. hello again Idea for option in LIVE REC MODE or maybe any REC MODE , that listen to incoming data from recording port and checks channel number changes and immediately is selecting track accordingly on MbSeq So if during recording i move encoder of midi channel #1 it will select Track #1 on MbSeq Also after channel number change he waits (some number of steps for example) and then if channel number is changed then change it,this is to protect from short switches between channels which can cause undesired effects. i think this little feature can impro
  9. hello everybody just testing new release and about MIDI MIXER CC to BUS is it possible now from MIDI MIXER to change for example Track #1 Semi Transpose(CC48)? just like with New parameter layer "Ctrl"? thanks in advance Kazik
  10. this is xmas again??!! XD thank you Thorsten
  11. hi everybody here some of my latest recordings
  12. dear Midi Maniacs just little idea in FX Panel one page with ECHO on/off (toggle or momentary) as buttons and lets say ECHO time or repeats as potis for each channel hope you like it bests Kazik
  13. hello everyone testing new release ,all works great! two suggestions: could DIVIDER be on a separate button?for example like MIXER. and could SOLO function mute also all other LFO's? kind regards Kaz
  14. hi Thorsten thank you for time and looking into it and if others decide is good enough than it would be great! considering MMC im sory i meant START/STOP could START/STOP be separately ON/OFF thank you kind regards Kazik
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