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SID2 not availale (CAN disabled!)


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I have build my own full CS midibox SID V2 and I have problem to get control over SID slaves. When I press SID2, SID3 or SID4 buttons I will get "SID(x) not available (CAN disabled)" message on the screen. I have checked connections  between core modules many times and check signals with oscilloscope. Master core is sending something at the startup but after that CAN bus seems to be quiet. Do I have to activate CAN bus from asm files (same where buttons,encoder and leds are mapped?)? I also have 1k pull up resistor on RX signal (signal that goes to core RB3 pin).  PIC ID's I have also checked and  those are ok. So only master core sid control is working at the time. Any ideas how to get all slave cores working?

MBSID V2 software version  that I'am using is 2.044, bootloader 1.2b and MIOS  is1.9h



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Hi Jeppe,

I have this same problem, maybe you found what was wrong ?

Is it supposed to work with any number of slaves ? I only have one master and one slave for the moment.

Pic IDs are 0 and 1. MIOS and firmware are flashed on both.
Diode is in place on each board, RB3 pin is pulled up on the master. Master and Slave are connected through this pin.
When i select other than SID1 i get "SID(x) not available (CAN disabled)"".

Any idea of what can be wrong ? Or anything else i can check ?

EDITED : Firmware on PIC ID=1 is OK. If i plug the display to the PIC1 board it boots and display "CS disabled".


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I have some news.

I got the communication working if i remove the custom LCD code (MIOS_LCD_TypeSet set to 0x7) and put back my LCD display.

With my custom OLED driver, the CAN is broken.

Thorsten, if you read this, where is Init_Port ? It's written in the LCD driver : "Initialization of Ports: done in Init_Port"

As the CAN pin is mapped on the old pin3 of the LCD driver, i think that can be the cause of the problem.
Custom LCD de-init ECAN ?

Do you have any idea ? 



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