MB-6582 with external Power supply using power switch from the kit

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Hi there,

just finishing up my first MB-6582, powered with 8*6582 chips.

Instead of usign the big C64 supply, i've choosen to power it trough a regulated external power supply. it deliver regulated 9V DC ,5V DC and ground at  around 1500 mA. Thought it would be enough for 1 synth

so,before connecting 9v,5v and ground directly to J4 (no switch between power and J4), i was thinking about using the great power switch supplied with the MB-6582 kits from smashTV.

My question is :

Is there any thing i have to respect to use this power switch or could i solder my wires directly on it?

could provide photos if this is not clear.

My best regards,


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Did you find the build guide page?
You want to follow "Power Option D"
This is the PCB layout, so you should either jumper pins on the power switch directly to J4 or add bridges e.g. to bypass the 9V regulator.


Hope that helps,

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@latigid : I found the page , just wanted to be sure. I'm so excited to finish it that i do not want to make mistakes, i couldn't beg myself if i make a stupid error ^^ . thanks for your quick answering , regards, JK

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