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MBFM YAC512/YMF262 Bulk Buy


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Hello All !
Currently working hard on MBFM things, I plan to order a bulk of YAC512 / YMF262 as well as is found a pretty supplier for brand new components.
Initial quantities planned 100*YAC512 and 50*YMF262 . More on demand .
Will make followings packs i think:
- 2*YAC512+1*YMF262 for a single OPL3
- 4*YAC512+2*YMF262 for a double OPL3
Final price for each set not clearly defined yet, just taking the temperature.
Feel free to tell if interested,


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I am buying a sample set of 20 YAC512 / 10 YMF262 this week. Will receive it in around one week.
Will try test all of them, in order to be sure the components are good ( that may make things take longer , but i do not want to sell crappy components ) .
that will be around 3 USD/€ per chip
Edit : Forgot about the USD/€ Rate -_- Sorry..
1*OPL3 pack = 2 YAC512 + YMF262 = 10 13 USD/ 10€ inc letter shipping
2*OPL3 pack = 4 YAC512 + 2 YMF262 = 18  22 USD/ 18€ inc letter shipping
Feel free to ask questions
Best regards,

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