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  1. MIDIbox TIA - Atari 2600 Synth

    Waiting for my stella and board, and already had the idea to add a manual controlled analog filter. I would be most interested in how you are going to use yours and where you got the NJM2069 from. I have interest in the MSM5232 too, especially if you start a core-controlled project for it!
  2. MIDIbox TIA - Atari 2600 Synth

    Just signed up for the bulk order: 1xPCB, 1xPIC, 1xTIA Great project, big compliments!
  3. MBFM YAC512/YMF262 Bulk Buy

    I am definitely interested in a double pack!
  4. Same here! It is OK to send later! Maybe it's better for everybody, you (to spend some time with loved ones), me (to spend some time with loved ones), other midiboxers (to spend some time with loved ones) and the people doing the real work with several postal services. Don't have loved ones: read a book for a change #8-) (no sarcasm meant!) Apart from, if and how, you celebrate: may good things come your way in 2013 to you all!
  5. mbSEQ panels by julianf

    Me likes a lot! Me wants!
  6. I won't go into any fundamental philosophical design discussion, but I do think this remark is a bit normative. In my perception of reality modularity means freedom, elegance, 'fitness' and openness to otherwise unseen possibilities. Anywho, I was trying to solve my idea of costs of a metal(!) panel with all these LED holes. Several use cases probably won't ask for such an universal solution. I was being a bit narrow-minded here?! If I understand correctly using plastic panels won't be a big hit in the money pocket ... which is a good thing! #8-)
  7. As I daydreamed to Jerome via PM: How about a BO for a 'universal' panel? Probably most people would use a panel directly over this PCB any way. Some mounting holes for the PCB, some for mounting to an enclosure, square hole for LCD, some holes for navigation pots/switches ... perfect. You could use 2,3,4 of these and stack them up for bigger controllers. And why not standardize on width of 19" racks, so making an enclosure would be easier (did not research this yet). Single panels with all these holes/squares for the LED's would be expensive. Buying 100+(?) would make that price a whole lot less ... I understood Jerome will be sharing info on panel later ... let's do wait for that I'm feeling uncertain about organising, I don't think my credibility and trust on this forum is on par (,yet?!). And then there's design experience, but hey, one has to start somewhere. I do have time and financial buffers at the moment ... Ideas/interest/tips/support? Size/colour/material/suppliers? Will make separate thread when there's any interest and to not pollute this one ... regards, dnode
  8. [S] MIDIBox gear LCD windows fromSchaeffer

    Great! 1x MB6582 2x MBSEQv4 1x MBFM ... for me, please!
  9. [FEELER] Mean Well RPT-60B Switching PSU

    I'd like to have two (2) SMPS's, with connectors please! Located in Netherlands. Thanks for organizing this!
  10. possile 9090 parts groupbuy

    Hi Jef, Put myself on the list for rare parts+components, but I have a special request: I already have the M5218AP opamps, would it be possible to leave them out for me? I already have the 9090 PCB's, too. I'm not interested in the sequencer. Other questions: -you won't be including 2SA798? (I would like these) -you won't be including 1SS133? (I don't mind these) -you won't be including potentiometers? kind regards and big thanks on organizing this! dnode
  11. ALBS Waldorf Knobs Bulk Order #1 2011

    Got them on April 15th, in a sound(!) state! Thanks a bunch!
  12. Hi Julian, If there are any spares left, I'd like to order one SEQv4 panel, white infill, hopefully with acrylic panels. kind regards, dnode
  13. Hi, I'm not a hardcore coding type of guy, I am an absolute open-source advocate, but still I thought maybe this news is interesting for some of us?! "STMicroelectronics Maximizes Accessibility of STM32 Microcontrollers with Extremely Low-Cost and Highly Featured Development Environment Low-cost ST-LINK debug probe with Atollic TrueSTUDIO® IDE allows low-volume designs to target family of more than 70 ARM Cortex-M3 based microcontrollers" http://www.st.com/stonline/stappl/cms/press/news/year2009/p2449.htm kind regards, dnode