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Test tone without midi signal


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Hi I have my tech looking at my half dead midibox 6582 (bought from a user on here which is in a terrible state - bad solders, buttons are all unaligned and lots of problems in general) and he is wondering whether there is a way of getting a signal out of the SIDs without having any midi signal or any ability to use the test program listed below?

Alternatively you could upload the sid_testtone application, which is available at theMIOS download page. This application just plays a 1kHz triangle wave after MIOS has been booted (no MIDI keyboard or sequencer required to play a note)

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The first step in debugging should be to remove all ICs, apply power and measure correct power supply over the board. There is a graphics with voltages to check for here:

Second, you should get the first core (the right core) up and running, including MIDI tests.

Then, you could try to get the display running and see if you have any output there.

If these work out, you can easily upload the testtone app as listed on this page: http://ucapps.de/mios_download.html

So in short: get the core up and running and responding to MIDI upload requests, only then it makes sense to try to get the corresponding SID module running (this applies to a MB6582, as well as to a "modular" MBSID).

Many greets and good luck!

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In the wiki pages you can read some more control surface troubleshooting info  http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=control_surface_troubleshooting&s[]=mb6582

The standard control surface has a PLAY button and it will be useful in farthest tests, with uploaded patches. For that the JD5 and JD8 slots are with the i-cs, of course.

Good luck!




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