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  1. LCD problem, help?

    Hi,  Are you compared the both LCD screens pinouts in the corresponding data sheets? It's possibly are different. Regards,  Janis
  2. Extra wires for core

  3. Hi, MIDIbox FM Demo Samples part included some non working  links.  one of it  (Schematic from Rick Jansen) is possible to restore with the updated link https://janswaal.home.xs4all.nl/Emusic/Moog/, I think. Regards, Janis
  4. MB-6582 BOM questions

    Hi, - I do not know how you are planning  to organize cooling inside yours MB-6582 case. When you are using  a single 12V power supply you will get a lot of heat from a +5V linear stabilizer ic inside the SID synth case. - Some about feedback pots from one of Hawkeye messages: "1. 100kohm work fine, 500kohm will also work... the value just specifies the max feedback "dampening" which is at maximum for 100kohms already. 2. you need four "stereo" feedback potentiometers for four stereo pairs of SIDs, no matter what type of sids." or otherwise you don't forget to grounded an analog inputs. Regards, Janis
  5. MB-6582 issues (LED, encoder, patch freeze)

    Hi, as you see it's some info from Wibas mb6582 building files. At first you can print it for the better understanding for the matrix structure, I think. http://wiki.midibox.org/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=mb-6582:mb-6582_cs_dout_wiring.pdf http://wiki.midibox.org/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=mb-6582:mb-6582_cs_din_wiring.pdf When I built my MB sid custom CS, it helps a lot. Regards, Janis
  6. MB-6582 issues (LED, encoder, patch freeze)

    May be you can check all signal diodes 1N4148 are right polarity oriented .  
  7. MB-6582 issues (LED, encoder, patch freeze)

    Hi, Here is  a default encoder assignments for MB6582: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=default_encoder_assignments On the shift registers appropriate pins you can check pulses, when you slowly turn encoders knob. ps. some encoders have a different pinout, if yours are from another manufacturer. "Patience is a virtue"  Regards, Janis    
  8. MB-6582 issues (LED, encoder, patch freeze)

    Hi, The resistor networks are  possible simply measure with the multimeter. If it not proper pinout , you are able to solder ones  very fast from the separate resistors.   Regards, Janis
  9. MB-6582 issues (LED, encoder, patch freeze)

    Hi, May be you need to recheck the soldering again, not for bridges only.  The Led's and buttons are controlled by shift registers. To check all the ic's  for right direction installed, for no broken ic pins and for it are in the sockets in right places. Regards, Janis
  10. Core wiring for SID

    Hi, The simplest way is to check interesting connection points on the pcbs with the multimeter with a beeper. Thenafter with the power on to check all voltages on the supply rails on the pcbs. Regards, Janis
  11. Power issue with MB6582

    Hi, May be the 9vac wallwart is too weak. The Sids are eating a lot . Which Sids and how many are installed ? Regards, Janis
  12. Newbie question about SID V2

    hi,  The DINX4 and DOUTX4 modules are always connected to the Core module ports. On the complete MB6852 base board these chips are located near long connectors row at the edge of board. Regards Janis
  13. Test tone without midi signal

    Hi, In the wiki pages you can read some more control surface troubleshooting info  http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=control_surface_troubleshooting&s[]=mb6582 The standard control surface has a PLAY button and it will be useful in farthest tests, with uploaded patches. For that the JD5 and JD8 slots are with the i-cs, of course. Good luck! Janis    
  14. MBCV or MIDIO128 question

    Hi, Thorsten, many Thanks! Let's think forth. Best Regards, Janis
  15. MBCV or MIDIO128 question

    Hi, With the Pic based core tested midi in with some keyboard keys:  Keyboard keys originaly are grounded , tried to make logical OR, diode is signal diode, as 1N4148. An idea using the optocouplers is from Doepfer the Solina midification pdf example. With the 60 keys will be 60 gates signals, it's paraphonic musical instrument.