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I2S Audio DACs with Core32 STM32F4


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yeah i know . i will quote the same than the other thread you answered me :

  • Pin mapping suboptimal in some cases. E.g., the outputs of the integrated DAC (not the on-board Audio-DAC) overlay SPI1 pins. However, one DAC channel has been freed up with the small drawback that SPI1 can't be used in slave mode.
    The IO pins of the SDIO peripheral (high speed SD Card access) conflicts with the on-board Audio DAC, so that it can't be used.
    Although the chip contains 6 UARTs, only 4 RX and TX pins could be found for MIDI IN/OUT. IN3/OUT3 even have to use two different UARTs.

That was the "Why" of my question.

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