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Hello all,

I want to connect more than one USB midi device to my SEQ4, without connecting a full-blown computer. So I have some spare Raspberry Pi's laying around. Model B+, so 4 USB ports. I already tinkered some things and I ended with a program called osc2midi (and back).

I can send to my SEQ4 and I can also receive from the SEQ4 thus communication is established. Now I run into formatting problems. With help from the creator of osc2midi I found out I have to use the m-datatype in the conversion, but it look like the data is interpreted different. SEQ4 OSC is set to Midi-messages.

Then I send from SEQ4 to osc2midi I receive:

/midi1 m, MIDI [0x90 0x3c 0x35 0x00]

When I sent from osc2midi, it sends:

/midi1 ,m MIDI [0x00 0x90 0x3c 0x39]
Osc2midi uses a single variable, so I can't change is easely.
Osc2midi uses map-files and the mapping for this statement is:
/midi1 m, msg : midimessage( msg );

So, one of the machines has the output shifted. And how to find out which one...

Can someone shed some light over this subject..

Looks like the midibox code got an error:



Actually upon investigation, according to
the m type must have data: "4 byte MIDI message. Bytes from MSB to LSB are: port id, status byte, data1, data2"



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added link to osc2midi on guthub

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After recompiling osc2midi with changed parsing of the m-datatype I have got it working. Ik looks like that the Midibox implementation is non-compliant. @TK. , any chance this can be fixed?

Another problem is that I got a !! Hard Fault !! at PC=0x0805c7f6 several times when sending data.

The Ethernet module is a ENC28J60 Ethernet LAN Network Module, which is connected since summer 2016, but used for the first time these days.
I use the boards from Tim (SmashTV), a STM32F4 with firmware 4.092.

What can that be?





WP_20170607_21_47_21_Rich (Kopie).jpg


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