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  1. Hi, I am using a Midibox Seq4 with latest firmware in Combination with iPad BLM. It is no problem to switch nstruments in BLM. But how can I switch Instruments on the Seq4 itself? I am pressing <Trigger> and or F3 and or Performance layer 3 but I cannot switch between for example BD and SD. Any ideas? Greetz Chris
  2. Current status is:   I received permission from Wilba to use his frontpanel design.I'm in contact with Roelli figuring out the right approach to this bulk.Haven't contacted Heidenreich yet, in a week I know more.  The measurements of the shipping box are 590 x 290 x 140 mm, so either shipping with:DHL Päckchen bis 2 kg International mit Service Nachweis 17.90€ (only tracking, no insurance, 35€ damage refund) CN22 custom formor DHL Paket bis 5 kg International 16.99€ - 42.99€ (full insurance with tracking) CN23 custom form case comes with blank back panel, rubber feet, uniform color black (~ 75€-90€)front panel costs: with 2 LCD windows at (~ 170€, Roelli mentioned a 20-30% discount compared to Schaeffer)front panel costs: with 2 LCD windows at Schaeffer (184€ + 2 x 20,42€ excl. shipping and verifying against the CS PCB)uniform front panel design for reduced complexity (holes for screws, colored engraving, see pics)handling fee (~ 15€ gas, package, time)PayPal conversion fees: € -> € 1.9%; other currencies -> €: 5.5% on my end priceno milled back panel, only a blank one for your own design (a milled can be later purchased from Roelli with a 30% discount compared to Schaeffer)no breakout board for the MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 PCB is needed, SmashTV's MIDI_I/O Module PCB will do the job. Ethernet via MBHP_ETH.breakout board for the MBHP_CORE_LPC17 PCB is needed (either design your own or join/create a bulk for a PCB)
  3. SEQv4[B]

    Hi, I'm interested in buying a SEQv4 with or without case! (mine got stolen ) Best Frank
  4. Hi all, To make a long story short: I bought my mbseq second hand from someone who had it build for him. It was a basic version, with the wilba frontpanel. Fast forward a little over a year, and her I find myself soldering and designing. The mbseq turned out to be a gateway drug in the diy world of synthesis and electronic music. Thanks for that! :) Consider me a newb. But I've run into uncertainty on how to continue. I added the aout-ng module and the d-out module to my seq. They work as aspected, steady and all. i've even designed my own breakoutinterfaces to make it fit in the eurorack format with corresponding LED's to show the activity. It rocks. What I would like to know is, if it is possible to send only LFO's, or even envelopes over the CV outs? Doesn't matter if it costs me a track. I would like to use the tracks as more than pitch/note-converters and also send velocity or envelopes (AD, or ADSR) I've found the midi-CV project which states the sending of an env. or two LFO's. But I'm not sure how this translates to the seq. Running the latest firmware.   Looking forward, and thanks!
  5. Hello all, I want to connect more than one USB midi device to my SEQ4, without connecting a full-blown computer. So I have some spare Raspberry Pi's laying around. Model B+, so 4 USB ports. I already tinkered some things and I ended with a program called osc2midi (and back). I can send to my SEQ4 and I can also receive from the SEQ4 thus communication is established. Now I run into formatting problems. With help from the creator of osc2midi I found out I have to use the m-datatype in the conversion, but it look like the data is interpreted different. SEQ4 OSC is set to Midi-messages. Then I send from SEQ4 to osc2midi I receive: /midi1 m, MIDI [0x90 0x3c 0x35 0x00] When I sent from osc2midi, it sends: /midi1 ,m MIDI [0x00 0x90 0x3c 0x39] Osc2midi uses a single variable, so I can't change is easely. Osc2midi uses map-files and the mapping for this statement is: /midi1 m, msg : midimessage( msg ); So, one of the machines has the output shifted. And how to find out which one... Can someone shed some light over this subject..   Edit   Looks like the midibox code got an error:   Cheers, Kees
  6. SEQ4 For Sale

    Greetings Midi Boxers! I have been member here since 2009. The possibility of building a SEQ is what originally brought me here. I did realize that possibility and have enjoyed using my SEQ4 for many years now. I am retiring this year and I am liquidating my studio so I have a SEQ4 that wish to sell. This SEQ4 was one of the original ones built when the first batch of Heidenreich enclosures were available. It has a custom built power board, Core32 CPU, a Julian front panel, the TK designed back panel, a pair of seppoman's  MBHP_ETH PCB and MBHP_SDCARD PCB's, 40x2 Optrex Green on Black high contrast LCD displays and a Quad IIC board. (The IIC board is populated, mounted and connected but I never upgraded the code or config file  to activate it as I recall.) I have also mounted some light stalks to make using it in low light situations easier. Two power supplies are provided (One for the SEQ the other for the lights). Pictures can be seen here: Asking $700USD. Includes insured shipping anywhere in the world (I'm in the US). PayPal only. I would really like to sell this to someone in the MidiBox community. Direct questions or comments to: gtxdude at gmail dot com      
  7. My reply to:   Does this have slides, like the original design?
  8. SEQ4Brakeout

    From the album Sonstiges

  9. hey guys,   i postpone my "building-my-own-seq4"-project. i only bought the lpc17-kit from smash tv, and as i need some bucks, it´s better, if i try to sell it, and reorder it, once "the times they are a-changin".   as for the kit: i only opened the parcel, as did customs before, and inside there´s the still sealed, unopened lpc17-kit, including almost everything, you need to assemble the "core" of a seq4, including the lpc17-pcb.   as i payed customs, it seems reasonable, that people in/next to germany buy it, if interested. the kit can also be picked up, if you live in hamburg.   price: 55 euro on pickup   60 euro if shipped within germany   for other countries please ask for shipping costs.   you can pay with cash (pickup), bank transfer (i won´t fool you, 60 bucks is not enough to make a living in the caribeans) or paypal (for the paranoid, but you have to pay the paypal-fees then. the price of paranoia is, that the wrong guys benefit, e.g. paypal).   if interested, pm me.   cheers :)
  10. Finished Seq4 (...endlich)

            Thanks Thorsten!