SEQ V4 , need help to build my own design

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Dear diyer,

I want to design my own SEQ V4 PCB with Key switches (Same used on Circlon sequencer) and illuminated encoders.

The Encoder leds will display the current active step and i want to get 16x4 button/leds matrix.

My question is, can i used the first row of the 16x4 button/led matrix as GP button ?

Thank you for your help



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It should work, although I'm not sure of the advantage over my concept with illuminated Matias switches. Don't take it as discouragement; this is MIDIbox and you are free to design your own hardware as the original spirit intends.

Best of luck,


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Thank you for your answer.

I have an other question about dual colours leds.

Green leds on GP leds are only use to display current playing step, isn't it ? so why not simply be the red leds state inverted during half lenght between two steps.

I explain myself: if they are 24 clock ticks between each steps the current step led will be inverted only 12 ticks that will make the visual step clearer especially if all 16 steps are On without the need of the second leds.

Does it make sense ?

Where, in the code, can i modify this thing ?

I try to find a solution to not use this second green leds because cherry switch led location do not match with 3 pin dual color led.


Can i still use Wilba 8x8 matrix if i do not use dual colour leds?

Best regards,


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