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I'm selling my Midibox SEQ v4 to fund other things. It has the latest STM32F4 and 2x MIDIIO boards. Looking for $800 AUD including shipping worldwide (see below on price drop). A bit less than what it cost to build. Aussie powersupply is included and the unit is very stable. It now has a black enclosure of the same design in the thread below. The rear panel cracked while shipping the acrylic but has been glued. It's solid but wobbles a little due to a slight twist in the bottom panel. A wee dod of blutak fixes it.

Original build thread

Enclosure thread.  You get the orange enclosure if you like neon.







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Price drop

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Since the Aussie dollar is heading in the wrong direction and those in Europe get stung by 25% import tax, I've dropped the price to $900 AUD. Also happy to negotiate.


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Removed misunderstood tax thing.

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