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  1. No, i haven't. i will look into that feature later tonight i hope. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Ok cool, i hope that also means that i would be able to apply fx on incoming data, mute etc even without recording, which was mostly what i was after, like how that box works which i linked earlier, but with added sequencer possiblilty of the midibox. :) Best regards!
  3. I would think it would just work as a filter, anything routed to a track should be considered track data/information. As in: if i mute this track i think its natural to expect anything routed to this track would be filtered out (muted) along with any sequenced data on this track. If it works as you say, its not really routed to a track as i see it, but just using any midi out settings from that track which is something else. But in this case; i would humbly ask for this as a future feature request since i think it would add alot of value to the v4+ as a sequencer / midi device
  4. I have a question regarding the midi router. Im trying to route midi from an external sequencer / keyboard / etc to selected tracks on the midibox but I dont understand how its supposed to work, so let me explain what im trying to do and what i expect since its supposed to route data. 1. I have an external sequencing source (that also acts as a master) that I put into the midibox seq on ex, port 1. 2. Using the midirouter I set up a node to receive on midi channel 6 -> route this to track 6 (on the sequencer). 3. Since im routing this to a track, im expecting (as
  5. Something of a feature request if its not already possible (havent found a way atleast), with the v4+ i understand there are more resources to use, so this might actually be doable i hope! A "performance page" for lack of a better name where the knobs and buttons turn into "programmable" controllers which send output to where they are assigned. ex, knob 1 = midi output 1, chn 2, cc 60, knob 2 = USB 1, chn 5, cc 45 knob 3 = midi output 2, chn 2, cc 61 etc.... also the buttons could have triggers on them, assignable in the same kinda way, send on/off's, program
  6. another bug i found is in the duplicate fx (v0.96): when using alternate channels: first channel is ignored, instead it only acknowledge additional channels but in a broken way. This is the way it works and how channels alternate: example, with first channel set 3 Additional channel 1: source channel (chn 1) -> channel 2 Additional channel 2: source channel (chn 1) -> channel 3 -> channel 4 Additional channel 3: source channel (chn 1) -> channel 4 -> channel 5 -> channel 6 Additional channel 4: source channel (chn 1) -> channel 5 ->
  7. This is for a seq v4+, dunno if it affects the normal v4, but anyhow (v.0.96): Dunno if this is a bug or intended, i think its a bug or just weird behavior. If i'm in phrase mode and have "restart all tracks on pattern change" enabled, as soon as i press a keycap on the bottom row, to change from ex, A1 -> B1, tracks restart just when i press the button (i also have pattern change synchronization enabled), even tho i see it "queueing" up a pattern change to synchronize, then when the synchronized pattern change occur, the tracks do not restart. Shouldnt it be that the tracks
  8. Will these be merged to Master or will this just be a diverged branch / fork? I'd really like to be able to switch between track and layer muting, feels essential for drums.
  9. Here is another Midibox in the wild. Lacking both time and skills to really build one myself, i had one of the trusted builder to handle that part for me. This one was built by @Menzman (Michael Menze) here on the forum. Very nice chap and highly recommended if anyone else wanna take this route to get your hands on this wonderful piece of hardware. You can find him via the trusted builders list @ midiphy) edit: if a moderator can move this to the correct thread in the forum (v4+) it would be great, i just saw i accidently put it in the wrong one :) sorry! @Hawkeye ?
  10. yes, ill vote this up too. would be awesome and a nice magnet for more users i bet.
  11. btw, the FAST button will also make "mute" happen immediately even if its set to mute on measure. :)
  12. yea, i agree. overload of BLM shortcuts are not ideal, but i was more thinking of an option in the seq itself that would make it possible to set it to unmute all mutes when a pattern change (global or just for the group), i remember that the cirklon had that (when changing scene) and it was pretty handy.
  13. also, is there a way to make midibox unmute all mutes when changing pattern (or atleast have this as a setting)? would make jamming using the BML alot nicer, esp since BLM doesnt respect mute/unmute to measure (pattern change on measure does however, so thats nice). I just think the BLM deserve to be expanded alot, since its an amazing feature of this sequencer. really make things more fun and more hands on, so im hoping it gets the attention it deserves! huge thanks for this, TK.
  14. Im trying out BLM (both lemur version and 2x launchpads). Is there any way to select parameter layer from the BLM itself? using some alt-combo or such? Also, is there any way to change the track length, start / stop positions somehow? like holding the start position and pressing the end or so.
  15. Finally! Gonna watch it this weekend. Thanks a million for the effort, hawkeye and the rest of the crew!
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