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MF_NG with buttons/leds for Pro Tools


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I am brand new to midibox, I don't have any modules yet, as I am trying to figure out which ones to get exactly, I haven't found a sure answer to what I'm looking for specifically by looking in the forums and the general information on the ucapps site, maybe someone could help. I'm trying to make a controller for Pro Tools using 3 MF_NG modules , for 20 channels/faders total since it would be installed in an existing 20 channel console, but I'd also like to have buttons and leds for record enable, channel automation, as well as transport controls and automation selectors (read, write, latch, etc.) as well as leds for the record lights, which for me would be about 60 buttons, and 20 leds at least for the record enable lights. at least Ideally it would use mackie HUI, but I would be fine with using MotorMix if that works better. 

I'm trying to find someone here who has successfully made a controller with both motorfaders AND buttons/leds who could let me know what modules I would need

My first thought was to get a STM32, and then connect the MF_NG modules and DIN and DOUT modules, but in the MF_NG thread there was a post that made me think that might not work. I posted the quotes below, they are from 2012, maybe this is dated? Would it be different since I am only using 3 MF_NG modules? Could I use just a STM32 or would I have to use an LPC17 and MIDIO128? If I did need to use the MIDIO128, would I have to use the LPC17 or could I use it with a STM32? My understanding is that the STM32 is an upgrade in a lot of ways to the LPC17, and doesn't require an external burner. My goal is to keep everything as simple as possible since i'm completely new to midibox. But since it's Pro Tools we are talking about, things can't be so easy.. 


Sorry for so many questions, any help is greatly appreciated!! Even if i had to use older modules, that would be okay! I just don't want to get/build the wrong components.. I also wanted to make sure this kind of configuration is something other people have gotten to work in pro tools


Here are the quotes:

On 7/3/2012 at 5:16 AM, BasketCase said:


Great news! Thanks Thorsten!


I think I am going to try and implement this with a dual track fader (log for audio, and linear for fader movement).


Would it be possible to chain 32 moving faders through 4 MF_NG modules, to a core that runs HUI emulation with a DOUT (LED's) and DIN (pushbuttons for mutes) module as well?

My idea is to use the DINs with pushbuttons to activate the mutes in protools, with the DOUTs responding to the state of the mute in protools, lighting an LED and driving a normally closed relay to open (hence, muting)...


thoughts? I should really look deeper into it, but with a bit of tinkering it would probably also be possible to implement a simple "SOLO" button that flips the state of the pushbutton to mute everything but the channels you select...

On 7/3/2012 at 2:32 PM, TK. said:


It doesn't work this way due to various reasons:

a) as mentioned just one posting above your one the firmware doesn't scan additional DIN pins. You will need a fith core, e.g. running with MIDIO128

b) the HUI protocol doesn't allow to control multiple HUI instances from a single MIDI port, therefore the chaining method won't work -> each core has to be connected to a dedicated MIDI interface port.


For both reasons, the best solution is probably to use a MBHP_CORE_LPC17 module in addition, running with MIDIO128.

The MBHP_MF_NG modules can be connected to the 4 MIDI IN/OUT ports.

Thereafter setup the MIDIO128 based MIDI router to forward the MIDI events directly to the 4 separate USB MIDI ports.


In addition, the same app can be used to scan additional buttons and to drive LEDs (up to 128 in a non-matrix configuration)


Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Hi Zam! Thank you! I've been reading all your posts here about automating consoles, so its great to get a response from you! 

Ideally I would like it to pass audio, with mf914 or mf9101 faders, and maybe trying an rc filter for the noise, but I also know that makes things less accurate. This would all be just for a ramsa wr t820b. I really considered ordering your 89motion system, but it just seems way out of my league as far as building it, I am brand new to any kind of circuit building. 

I remember in your documentation you said there are dacs for every fader, is it an rc circuit you are using? Would it somehow work with midibox hardware?

Thanks again!

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Will you really consider buying 20 TKD fader for a Ramsa ???

My system use da and ad for every fader, motor driver is pure analogue with pid controller (little more that just a RC circuit...)

Despite it's midibox HW compatible, I won't recommand it for your project regarding your skill and the actual analogue console involved.

As a start you better use MF_NG with ALPS dual track, and see how it goes in the desk regarding noise.




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