MIOS32_BOARD_J10_PinGet(8-15) not working

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after initialize:

 void APP_Init(void){
  int pin;   for(pin=0; pin<16; ++pin){     MIOS32_BOARD_J10_PinInit(pin, MIOS32_BOARD_PIN_MODE_INPUT_PU);}   }

getting pin 0-7 is workin ok, but 8-15 give me no output:

void APP_SRIO_ServicePrepare(void)  {
            // get GPIO-Pins
            u8 x = 0;
            for(x=0; x<16; x++) {
            if(MIOS32_BOARD_J10_PinGet(x) != flag.j10PinState[x]) {
                MIOS32_MIDI_SendDebugMessage("pin: %d value: %d", x, MIOS32_BOARD_J10_PinGet(x));
                flag.j10PinState[x] = MIOS32_BOARD_J10_PinGet(x);
              } }



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solved - plugged into wrong Core Connector... had assumed that J10B is near J10A... totally wrong :whistling: upstidu....

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