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Control Panel Questions

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Hey Guys, a few quick questions.

I went overboard, and ordered the MBSid control PCB from Modular Addicts, and all the associated components from Mouser/Amazon. I am converting my old MBSid to a V2.

I want to use my existing MB Core, SID, and DOUT/DIN, etc. I only have 2 Sids/cores. The Modular Addict webpage only shows a front view of the PCB. I assume I can connect my components to the panel no problem right? Is there a layout/schematic of the pcb somewhere? I didn't see it.

If I get this up and running, I may go nuts down the road, get the mainboard PCB and make an 8 SID version.

Finally, is there a DXF for the panel somewhere? I have a CNC and a Laser engraver, so I plan to cut it myself.


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