[SOLD] 8x 6582A, 16x ALPS knobs and 16x Soundwell encoders

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This listing is now sold.

Hi Everyone,

after 10 years of holding on to my parts I'm finally giving up on building my MidiboxSID, I know it's sad but that's how life goes. It not the first DIY project that I didn't go through with and it won't be the last!

I bought the SID chips from the Wilba 6582 SID MEGA-SALE #4 in Januray 2008!! They haven't left the boxes they came into.
The rotary encoders and the ALPS knobs I bought through group orders on the forum too.

- 8x6582A: 200$ + shipping.

- 16x ALPS knob: 12$ plus shipping

- 16x Soundwell Encoders: 12$ plus shipping

let me know if you guys are interested or have any questions. I can provide pictures if necessary.

Oh and I'm located in California USA, so I'll get shipping cost based on your location.


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I want the knobs and encoders also ....----scottsober pm me ...thanks

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