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  1. scottsober mb6582 for sale

    Hi I am selling my mb6582 unit .With 8 8580 Sid chips .It functions well and I am sure whoever gets it will be happy with this unit.  1,100 US dollars Us ship only PayPal accepted pm me will not allow me to post pictures     
  2. [SOLD| LRE 8x2 Rev 2.5 Encoder/LED Rings PCBs

    Hi I need your name for PayPal I will send the 22 euros when you reply with your name
  3. [SOLD| LRE 8x2 Rev 2.5 Encoder/LED Rings PCBs

    Could you pm me with details for 1 board ....----thanks scottsober( pp address and euros / dollars ship to n.y. ? thanks)
  4. 101-0926.JPG

    From the album scottsober

    this is property of the band they are sehr gut .     scottsober 3-17-18 I built and designed this myself 
  5. 101-0912.JPG

    From the album scottsober

  6. 101-0908.JPG

    From the album scottsober

  7. 101_0908.JPG

    From the album scottsober

  8. 101_0907.JPG

    From the album scottsober

  9. 101-0906.JPG

    From the album scottsober

  10. PCBs for sale

    Hello,  I am in n.y usa I would want 2 lpc17 boards and the encoder board unassembled.I have PayPal , how much to ship and for these?please pm me scottsober 
  11. 5a879f85eae8e-rightsideup.png

    From the album scottsober

    right side up