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MBSEQ V4L Mk.ii record and transpose

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I'm unable to get both keyboard transpose and recording working at the same time. I can make only one or the other work, they won't work with the same settings.

I'm using the Mk.ii panel, and have tried this with both LPC1769 and STM32F4 cores with firmware version 092pre1 (the newest available on the MIOS32 download page is 086, the newer one was probably available in some forum post in the V4L thread).

What I'm trying to do:

  1. record some phrase using step (or live) recording
  2. stop recording and use the keyboard to transpose the phrase

But I haven't managed to get these working like this. It would make sense it would work like this (first record something, then use the keyboard to transpose it every now and then and jam away over it using another keyboard), but I guess the first question is, is this really the case? Is this how it's supposed to work?

What I've managed to do is:

  1. either record some sequence, which then plays back. I can play over the sequence if I want, but the sequence will be the same, no keyboard transpose is possible (whether or not Transpose is active or not);
  2. or, on the Trigger page, turn on some triggers and hear the C-4 notes play the synth. You can transpose the C-4 based rhythm to the key you play on the keyboard, but you cannot record your own sequences that you could then transpose.

The Mk.ii panel wiki page says,



If you're having trouble with the MIDI Input, please open the SESSIONS/DEF_V4L/MBSEQ_C.V4 file and change:

MIDI_BUS_Options 0 0x00


MIDI_BUS_Options 0 0x01


If the setting is 0x00, I can transpose with the keyboard but not record (or forward notes played on the keyboard even if I->O is on), and if the setting is 0x01, I can record with the keyboard (and notes get forwarded when I->O is on) but not transpose (even if Transpose is on). Apart from this setting, I have not edited other parameters in any other files. What am I not getting?

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Assuming the V4Lii has the same functions as the original, it should work as you intend. I had it transposing from a keyboard but was a bit confused as to what key it was actually playing. TK answered this for me, hope it helps.


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Yeah I saw that one when I searched the V4L thread for answers earlier, that wasn't the issue I'm having. The problem is that I'm not able to switch between record/forward and transpose (I can just have one or the other) without changing the settings on the SD card.

If someone has their V4L functioning the way I describe (i.e. record and transpose work with the same settings), I'd be interested in the config file (SESSIONS/DEF_V4L/MBSEQ_C.V4).

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