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Hi ! I'm currently reading the Midibox NG manual. Is it helpful if I write some parts here that (in my opinion) could be changed ?

Like in this page: http://www.ucapps.de/midibox_ng_manual_fs.html 

"Today we would prefer to use Fairlightiii's premade PCB solutioninstead - more informations about this once I get my hands on the PCBs! :-)"

As theses PCB will never be reedited, it is no more relevant ?

So. If comments like that is cool for you, I can continue. Or if it bother you, I can stop. But please note that by using my phone to read the doc and write on the forum, I have no way to format and use the code tool.

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that's fine! :)

The original sources of uCApps.de can be found in the mios subversion repository:

You could just send me your edits, and I could upload them.
If you (or somebody else) is doing changes more frequently, and don't have access to the repository for direct access yet, I could give permission.
Publishing is still in my hands (means: if something is wrong, I would correct it).

Best Regards, Thorsten. 

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The link to the sources is... Intimidating.

In this page : http://www.ucapps.de/midibox_seq.html the PDF from Features / MIDI Remote functions (near the end) have no "Layer D" but two "Track 3".

No one see it since Midibox Seq V2 :whistling:

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