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  1. MIOS32 LCD Connectivity 01

    From the album Wapata

  2. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi ! I dont say that as a excuse for Windows but : we have to keep in mind that before and after a firmware update, it is not the same USB device anymore. And MIOS don't let the old one go, and don't show the new one. But well, I think a patch to correct this specific usecase will never happen.
  3. Thanks both of you for the complete answers ! Yes it will not be a complete DAW for sure, but you can put the song in your head quickly in, test some transposition and all and, after you had the big smile on your face that say "oh yeah that's it", export the result in MIDI to your computer and... Don't touch it for years because that's how computer-daw work.  What is a "BLM" ?
  4. Midibox_ng_manual

    The link to the sources is... Intimidating. In this page : http://www.ucapps.de/midibox_seq.html the PDF from Features / MIDI Remote functions (near the end) have no "Layer D" but two "Track 3". No one see it since Midibox Seq V2 
  5. Hi ! I'm currently reading the Midibox NG manual. Is it helpful if I write some parts here that (in my opinion) could be changed ? Like in this page: http://www.ucapps.de/midibox_ng_manual_fs.html  "Today we would prefer to use Fairlightiii's premade PCB solutioninstead - more informations about this once I get my hands on the PCBs! :-)" As theses PCB will never be reedited, it is no more relevant ? So. If comments like that is cool for you, I can continue. Or if it bother you, I can stop. But please note that by using my phone to read the doc and write on the forum, I have no way to format and use the code tool.
  6. Hi ! Can you tell a little more about that ? In the tracks, I choose my instruments so it's clear, but what about the scenes ? Is it the different parts of the song, Like intro - part one - refrain - part two - refrain - part three - break - refrain - end ? Didn't you lost two scenes during the development, you talk about 8 scenes on YouTube I think ? Thanks and have a great day (or night..) !
  7. MIDIbox KB

    Hi ! You can take this off your to-do list. The naked waiting keyboard hit the floor and have broken keys... So it is not my favorite keyboard anymore 
  8. Lol,  it was too early in the discussion maybe  Sorry
  9. Hi ! It may be because English is not my native language but I have to say : The LCD part of the CORE_STM32F4 Module page is not clear at all. Because of that (and because I didn't take the time to check the VCC and Ground BEFORE soldering) my LCD have made this typical sound of... fire starting. I have followed this page: http://www.ucapps.de/index.html?page=mbhp_lcd.html / MIOS32 Connectivity / Wiring Diagram for 2x16: mbhp_lcd_mios32.pdf (as my LCD have all the pins in line). But after that... the wire 3 is NOT V0. So the sentence "Order of wires is matching with flat ribbon cable" doesn't work. And I can't figure out how it can work (with the J15 port at his place). For me all the wire have to be twisted two by two. It's too cold is the garage right now, i will try tomorrow.
  10. Take a look: There was no chance that I could find it with the search function but... By looking deeper and deeper in the forum I fall into this tread.  
  11. Yes ! Theses are good tips ! I'll try by myself now with standard connectors. I have to learn and it's a useful exercise. And with the files you provided it will help too. Thanks !
  12. So... It take way too much time to start using eagle. What a nightmare for a such simple board: Note that i havent check the reverse/mirror pin thing yet because I have a question first: how to make the upper solder pads to touch the border of the board ? This way it will be possible to solder this board to a 90° angle to the LCD with no wire. And then I will find how to add the ribbon connector schematic..
  13. Hi ! I'm happy to say that the core is okay, i've soldered my second LCD and... it's working GREAT ! See the lasts pictures ;) https://photos.app.goo.gl/5bR4r2ivZe5dgYYW9 @TK. I've added three of them in the Gallery, please fell free to use them if you like.
  14. MIOS32 LCD Connectivity 03

    From the album Wapata

  15. MIOS32 LCD Connectivity 02

    From the album Wapata

  16. Clear to me ! Thanks a lot ! Lesson learned : check, double check, triple check before power up !
  17. Oh I see the triangle in the first photo ! I did miss a big I formation then, thank you ! Is there a page with ribbon tip and tricks ?  And sorry that I didn't understand you the first time. Language barrier maybe ;-)
  18. It doesn't look true... Here is what happened when I clamped the ribbon (with V0 at pin number 04) : ________________________ |15 13 11 09 07 05 03 01 | |16 14 12 10 08 06 04 02 | __________----___________ And I can't mechanically change this order can I ? The red strip of my ribbon will always be clamped to the top right of this schematic (The last wire will alway be at the bottom left too). The two opposite side of ribbon cable will alway be in diagonal, top right / bottom left as i understand. Did I miss something ?
  19. The multimeter as show say "it doesn't". The V0 "bip" on the wire 4. And yes it is like Hitachi 
  20. I'm back from the garage. It's -1°C ... cold. Anyway here is a google album with the pictures i have taken, just under the midi-notes attribution chart: https://photos.app.goo.gl/5bR4r2ivZe5dgYYW9 You can see where is the notch of the ribbon head, the big clear labels on the LCD PCB, the labels hidden under the "big black plastic of the ribbon port that hide" and finally, how I test and found where the V0 is.     Please not that I've tried to de-crimp the ribbon yesterday, but it was well crimped before the incident.
  21. It look MIOS8 compatible, not MIOS32. But the idea is cool. With 90° pin header the PCB + LCD + Cable will be "flatter" . I have to reinstall eagle and sketch the idea ! Thanks !
  22. I put the cable on the bottom and the soldering on the top. https://www.ebay.fr/itm/1602LCD-Blue-Yellow-HD44780-Character-Display-Module-5V-for-Arduino-Raspberry-Pi-/263750988179?varId=562961334972&txnId=2349798667016 but there is big labels. I'll take some pictures tomorrow ;-)
  23. Oh.. I think I did that, if wire 4 is V0, then wire 3 should be RS ! (Wire 1 and 2 swapped, 3 and 4 swapped, and so on)
  24. Thank you both of you ! In fact I'm an old newbie here. My core was made in 2016 (edit: the metadata of my pictures says October 2017), and I follow uCApps for more years than that ! Maybe 2004 (... Wow.. so long ?..). It's okay for me to broke an LCD, but the point here is about the indication on the website, they are confusing about the ports of the STM32F4. I mean... Really.  But on the other hand, I should have double checked the vcc and ground for sure.