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Lot of trouble and damaged pic with core and lcd (solved)

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I have two Core modules and had 1 preburned pic which where working (midi and mios, fine).

The last times I was trying to connect an unknown LCD and it break down my 5V, measured at J5 and midi was broken too, may reasoned by connecting B1 and B2 for Backlight.

By disconnecting, midi worked fine again. I thougt may it's a low temperature display

So I got another LCD Display, kind of sure it will work (from mikes-elektronikseite)

But the same problem appeared and Mike told me I should use a 33ohm resistor between the direct voltage from the PSU and the backlight. 

And I tried also putting it at the B+ pin.

May I did some other Playaround with my cables and  damaged something. Midi wasn't working anymore and this is Pic based, because I have two Cores.

I don't have a Pic burner but I bought one which is on it's way.

I measured some 5v pins, which just make 2,5v, sure this is why midi won't work.

So, is it possible to partically damage a Pic?

May I damaged it before by connecting the first LCD wrong and later tried every possible pin combination.



It was possible to reburn the PIC. Also found a damaged part of the PCB. The unknown LCD is a 204A HD441. Vd and Vss is connected in a way I can´t find (not in the pin area)


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