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8x24 LED matrix

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Maybe I'm overthinking it. I think it would be easiest to specify two separate matrices (16x8, 8x8). If the matrix is 8 rows tall, then I think it should still work to specify the same shift register for the selection pulses.



DOUT_MATRIX n=1  rows=8  inverted=0  sr_dout_sel1=1  sr_dout_r1=2  sr_dout_r2=3   led_emu_id_offset=1001
DOUT_MATRIX n=2  rows=8  inverted=0  sr_dout_sel1=1  sr_dout_r1=4                 led_emu_id_offset=1129


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Hi guys hope every one is keeping well

I am a midbox newbie and i was hoping that  someone could help me with led matricies I am trying to resurrect a project which i initally started with a livid diy builder platform.

my question centers around rgb led matricies

At present i have several rgb matricies each  are 2 rows 4 columns connected to a 10pin idc

pin 1 is common anode column 1,

pin 5/6/7/8/9/10 are for the cathodes and are assigned to rows  123456 respectivley.

Not sure what pins 234 are doing but these are assigned to columns 234 respectivley.

is there a way to hard wire the 2 by4 rgb led matrices to create a larger matrix so i can reduce the number of D outs i need.

I have 72 rgb leds (standard) 56 are associated with encoders i am hoping to eventually hack the board (livid rgb omni) replace the leds with connectors  that go to assignable leds layed out in a strip and get better visual feedback.

 i would greatly appreciate any pearls of wisdom anyone would like to share. feel free to PM me.

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You can create a matrix with 9x rows (sink side) and 8x3 columns (R/G/B source sides).

So you need 5x 74HC595 chips because they only have 8x outputs. You also have 7x rows spare as it is a 16x8(x3) matrix.

If you have buttons you can connect 1x DIN 74HC165 chip to the columns with diodes to the switch inputs. 


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Appreciate the input  have looked into the shift registers i have more questions re going from the idc headers to the shift registers. I think what i would like to do is create 3 separate matricies  of rgb leds each is 4 columns and 6 rows total (72 leds) have 3 sepaate matricies.

if poosible can i pm you.

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