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[FS] MB SEQv4 Projekt


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Since I have not completed my project in recent years, and it will not make the next years, I sell everything here together.

I would like to have around 300euro.

There are 2 cases !!


I would also be interested in an exchange, I would like to have a MB sid synthi :)


Best regards


20190601_171703jjjip.jpg 20190601_1717089pkoc.jpg 20190601_171718h3jqo.jpg 20190601_171900kyjlf.jpg 20190601_171907l8knm.jpg 20190601_171915e1j1a.jpg 20190601_1719185kkwt.jpg 20190601_171921j5j7j.jpg 20190601_171927vpjl5.jpg 20190601_171929b6k5i.jpg 20190601_171932jrjw5.jpg 20190601_171935dakl2.jpg 20190601_171938gqjqd.jpg 20190601_171941gajf7.jpg 20190601_1719562ak5m.jpg 20190601_1719582hkmd.jpg 

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If no one has interest in the components and housing,

I would look for a front and rear panel.

Then I finish it myself.



Who has one more sentence and likes to sell it to me?


Best regards

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