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  1. On this one, it is simply the STM32 midi ports. No additional PCBs.
  2. Well, I work using English since 1995. I don't have any back Panel on this one. On the silver one I have a side Panel, but it is not here right now. I want to get the maximal Midi port amount as possible. I would like to update as well with the the CV/Gate directly but for the beginning, it is not a must. SD port on the back as well. Sync Roland for old drum/Sequencers. Isn't it possible to use the midi8 PCBs from Midiphy? https://www.midiphy.com/en/shop-details/138/7/midi8-pcb-
  3. By the way, I have the feeling that's exactly the panel that you have according to that link:
  4. http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=mididocs:seq:beginners_guide:start http://ucapps.de/midibox_seq_manual_in.html But I don't know if this is compatible with the Midiphy Core.
  5. Everything is detailed under UCAPPS MIDIbox SEQ V4
  6. You can find it under: Trace: • wilba_mb_seq_construction_guide
  7. Dear all, I first wish you all an happy new year and a lot of creativity for this year. I did a long DIY and music pause due to professional reason. I have few Sequencer V4 and some Core are damaged. I think that the Midiphy solution is amazing but as I already have panels, cases, VFD Displays, and control surface I would prefer to continu to use them. Another reason, I prefer to have a small unit than a monster device. In this way as well, I would re-use theses tools and instruments and it would still be possible in future to upgrade to the Midiphy solution. But to send directly to the trash devices is to my taste not acceptable. If I would buy the following Midify PCBs, would it be possible to run the Sequencer based on Wilba control panel with these boards? 1) PCB Core2) SD PCB3) MIDI 8 PCB4) I2C PCB5) Line TX PCB6) Line RX PCB Thanks, F
  8. Funny that you mention Marc Bareille and its Polyvoks Filter clone. He is a good friend of mine! :-) I have as well his PCBs unfortunately not yet mounted. Do you have any audio demos?
  9. HI, I installed as well some VFD Noritake in the past on my sequencer V4. The regulator were getting very hot... Where did you buy these one? Mine ones cost in 2010 126€ for two....
  10. Hello, I may be interested into. can you let me know please? thanks, best regards, francois
  11. Hello, I am as Well in the same Situation. I am looking for such a PCBs. best regards, PK
  12. Hi, is it still for sale? best regards, pk
  13. Hello, do you sell the core Module?
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