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  1. Funny that you mention Marc Bareille and its Polyvoks Filter clone. He is a good friend of mine! :-) I have as well his PCBs unfortunately not yet mounted. Do you have any audio demos?
  2. HI, I installed as well some VFD Noritake in the past on my sequencer V4. The regulator were getting very hot... Where did you buy these one? Mine ones cost in 2010 126€ for two....
  3. Hello, I may be interested into. can you let me know please? thanks, best regards, francois
  4. Hello, I am as Well in the same Situation. I am looking for such a PCBs. best regards, PK
  5. Hi, is it still for sale? best regards, pk
  6. Hello, do you sell the core Module?
  7. Hello, I would like to buy the core Module
  8. Hello, I am interested. is it still available?
  9. Hi, give a sign of you have one for sale. Thanks, PK
  10. Hi all, I have finished my control surface for the Seq V4.I uploaded the midibox_seq_v4_086/MBHP_CORE_STM32/project.hexIt seems the mapping of the control surface doesn't fit to the software.When I press BPM, the display shows the step view menu... What's wrong?Any idea?
  11. Thanks to both of you. According the notice from Wilba, I changed R5 R6 R7 R7a R8 R8a R5a R6a to 1Kohm. Now, the little problem I meet is the soldering face of the J1 and J2. I initially set the connector on the Components side. Unfortunately, it is not possible to connect the corresponding connector due to place problem between the PCB and the front panel. I assume the best solution is tho soldered the J1 and J2 connector pins on the opposite face, let's call it the copper face.
  12. Hello everybody!I am finishing a control surface for a Seq V4 right now. I would have some questions concerning the CS. It was impossible today to get 27 Green LEDs. I set so 27 Red Leds. Which resistor should I change to allow them to work fine? In addition, it was difficult for me to notice the polarity of these Leds on the PCB...
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