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  1. Hello my dears. The SeqV4 is still available. Just plugged it in and it's still working fine. Please understand that I want to sell everything together.
  2. Hello. A few years ago I also ordered 10 pieces in china which look exactly like yours. Mine worked great and were without problems to obstruct. best regards
  3. Hello. If no one has interest in the components and housing, I would look for a front and rear panel. Then I finish it myself. So. Who has one more sentence and likes to sell it to me? Best regards
  4. Hello. Since I have not completed my project in recent years, and it will not make the next years, I sell everything here together. I would like to have around 300euro. There are 2 cases !! I would also be interested in an exchange, I would like to have a MB sid synthi :) Best regards
  5. Because I do not want to have much work and because the price is justified in my opinion for everything together. I am also willing to negotiate the price. But I do not want to send 10 packets. I hope that you can understand synonymous, the time I just no longer
  6. No, you misunderstood me. I can not guarantee the ICs and other components. I do not want to give it but also. It's just a shame about it ..... Offended, I'm not like you think
  7. Danke für deine Gedanken und Anregungen :D Dann kommt eben alles auf den Müll. LG
  8. Has anyone interest in the components? Alone the SID IC's are worth a good 200 €
  9. I will sell all for 350€ Shiping cost extra.
  10. Hello. Sell here some of my midibox components. Take a look at the photos and just make an offer for everything. Also included is a fully built MB6582 with Sid Ic's Everything as in the pictures to see. 2x Circus Board 50€ http://midiboxshop.bigcartel.com/product/mb-6582-board-set Sold Out on page 3x Pic 18F4685 30€ http://midiboxshop.bigcartel.com/product/pic18f4685 Sold Out on Page Elektronic Parts ca. 80€ 6x SID 6581R4 a40€ = 240€ http://www.ebay.de/itm/Commodore-64-Sid-Chip-6581-R4-GENUINE-PART-/272831180740?hash=item3f86016fc4:g:gHwAAOSwBrpZec8b From UK nearl
  11. Sende mir bitte deine preis Vorstellung per PN Was würdest du bezahlen?
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