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[S] BLM16x16+X


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I sell my used BLM16x16+X.



The Orginal BLM16+16+X has a 8Bit microcontroller, this one has some modifications:

* 32Bit Core Module (Micrcontroller)



* 2x2 Midi IO

* a bootloader switch,  if you bricked somehow the device, with this normally you get it to live....



* and a expansion port on the front (AIN, DIN), (which you maybe never need, except your are a programmer...)



* I soldered yesterday new Faders, so they are brandnew, they are connected to a Serial AIN Board, so they work with 5V! (normally Faders direct connected to a 32bit MCU needs 3.3V, so less resolution) you could mount 12 more faders or pots into it, or via expansion port (DIY...)




* it is 5V USB-Powered, and can be used as USB-Midiinterface, as well there is a sysex protocoll to fast transfair button-led status between a Max-Msp Patch/Ableton live and so on... but for that you have to DIY again



* Theoretical it also can be powered from the SEQV4, but for that you have to carefulle check the 8-Pin DIN-Socket on the backside off the Device - this holds 2 extra Midi ins 1 Midiout and +-5V --- but i dont know if it wired correctly - you may have to check that yourself (DIY!)



I fully cleaned and checked it yesterday (i completely disasaambled and assambled it)



leds are: blue-green-cyan --- and all are working






Price: 800

here more detailed Calculation: (without the expansioport, additional midi IO) so you see where the cost is coming from... - i would sell it on sequencer.de - and i think i would find a buyer there - but i cant post there (not enough posts or +-points) -maybe someone can give them a wink... :hmm:








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new price 750€

i combined and wrote the 32bit Code so it now can comunicate with a SEQV4+, and off course with the SEQV4 standard, here is the sourcecode + firmware:

see also this short video (german):


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