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i have to mixdown 2 cds the next year.. i need a "elektron analog heat" for this i need money. you see in the pictures:

- it is 32bit driven, has lots of midi IO, and a expansion port on the front (AIN, DIN), push-pull-sd-slot, and a bootloader switch.

- i removed the built in faders, since i used the blm live on gigs, and i had the fear, the would damage the pcb while transport... also not needet it - i used the place to Label the matrix with a sticker...

- you can connect it to a seqv4->32bit version for it is aviable, or you program your own sequencer. (like i did >[]=triggermatrix )


i have two of BLM16x16+X PCBs- already assembled> so i  deliever you a brandnew never used - device (new buttons - not used LEDs) - only core/midi-io and case is used - which itself is rock solid!

leds are: blue-green-cyan


Price: 1100

here more detailed Calculation: (without the expansioport, additional midi IO) so you see where the cost is coming from... - i would sell it on - and i think i would find a buyer there - but i cant post there (not enough posts or +-points) -maybe someone can give them a wink... :hmm:






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