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F4 bootloader cannot contact on UART0


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I'm developing a midi monitor that listens to 4 of USB MIDI Ports. So I'm using MiosStudio for debug messages on UART0.

I'm made a code change to my app which has stopped USB from working (I changed buffer sizes). Anyhow, to upload fixed code I am trying to upload on the UART0 connection and I have always found that MiosStudio complains that it cannot contact the bootloader even though the query message always works. Is this expected? Is so is there a way to rebuild the bootloader to enable UART0 bootloading?

I suppose I can reset the core using ST Link but I hope I don't have to!

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If you reset (button) the core wile pressing (and keep pressing) user (button), you should start the core in bootloader mode.

MIOSstudio should recognize and connect via USB, as hex upload working to update/load your mios app.

Just keep your finger at user button all the time, if you release it the core reboot.



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