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5 position switch with preset values


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i am building another controller with a core8 I have here. i am pretty sure that I can do this but I thought I would check first

I need to have a 5 position rotary switch and each switch has a preset cc# value from 0-127 to it,

For example we will use cc#16

Pos1: cc#16=20

pos2: cc#16=40

pos3: cc#16=60

pos4: cc#16=80

pos5: cc#16=100

I am right i can do this as the rotary switch is attached to the Din input and i can just either edit the assembly or if I remember rightly you can use the mb64e editor to set this value.

Just digging the parts out to try it anyway, will post how it goes!!

Update: All sorted I remembered correctly, I can set it in the editor and save it there. That is the last thing i needed to check for this build. Happy solder geek ;)


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