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  1. As soon as I have some free time I will edit it and run it again.
  2. The text is no good, it's plain lines and not a scan engrave text soi need to edit it. The lines are single lines and also not etch able these need editing also. The numbers are the same. Other than that it is OK. Just needs cleaning.
  3. Hi Smithy Yes there is dual colour laser material, we use it. we dont use a real thick one, its about 1.5mm thick. The atacam removes the text or graphics from the top layer of black using a scan feature, then does all the cuts through. I am in the middle of hacking two old mackie control units, to make a custom controller. This is for doing a test fit for the boards. I am in next week so i will do a small section of the panel for you to see how it comes out.
  4. I messed with kicad a long time ago, i got into eagle more and really got to grips with that, exporting the gerbers over into flatcam for milling pcbs on a small cnc machine. These days i use Altium everyday and also Solidworks pcb which has a cut down version of Altium in. Altium has the Solidworks Connector extension installed and i run a local SVn server that allows me to push the altium pcb through into solidworks directly, that way i can edit the enclosures around the pcb and push back and fore, If i move a part on the pcb in Solidworks and push back to Altium it shows me the change
  5. been busy working on various projects, finally got time to print the enclosure for one of them this weekend. Designed in solidworks and printed in Carbon/Nylon. I have 5 alps motorised faders to fit and a few buttons, leds and pots to go on a pcb i am milling next week. There are insert faceplates to do yet on the fader face and the upper face. All is looking good though so far and the cade is working as well, I am also making a small dout x2 pcb as well as i only need 9 leds, i am using a TSSOP16 74hc595 and a smt resistor network to reduce the size for the space i need in the
  6. Hey Smithy, i have an Atacam laser system in work i use, do you have this as a dxf file? i can do a panel test when i call in next week. I can do a cut on some 2, 3 or 4mm laser acrylic and see how it comes out. I can set the text to scan engrave and the rest to cut, probably take a couple of mins.
  7. Is it possible to change the font size when using the ssd1306 oled's? Is this set in mios studio while the stf32m is in bootloader mode. when entering the , set lcd_type etc? UPDATE: I found the section i needed in the NG usermanual. GLCDs can output different fonts which are selected with the ampersant (&) character: &&: outputs the & character &<font>: selects a font for graphical LCDs: &n: selects the "normal" 6x8 font &i: selects the inverted 6x8 font &s: selects the "small" 4x8 font
  8. For me here in the UK the pricing and MOQ meant that i had to get a lot of things either from ebay or ali express as the pricing in the UK was far too much. For example i wanted some 6mmx6mm square led tact switches, in the UK they were almost $5 each equivalent. I got them from Ali express for $10 for 20 of them. same with the mini 7 segments, encoders and components. In the UK its V.A.T on everything, then customs etc and forwaring postage costs with VAT added. I just got a quote in for one of my pcbs, its a 4 layer pcb 250mmx250mm it was £90 for the pcb and then a further £140 for the
  9. perhaps you need to look at the blm then?
  10. ssp

    mbng work in progress

    working on a 4 layer pcb in Altium, getting there, this is for my MBNG project
  11. hmm.. i probably ask more questions that I already know the answer to.. it just takes me a little while to catch up with my brain. So i am looking at the question, so am i correct in you want to build a controller to control a drum machine plugin in logic? Please bear in mind I dont use logic i use presonus studio one, i havent turned my mac on in years and its an old G4 mirror door!! You could have a look through my thread in the MBNG section, it shows me learning the basics and progressing slowly, making mistakes and asking for help. I dont always understand it straight a
  12. i had another go at trying to get the encoder to switch between each function as the buttons would however when the encoder changed to another function it didnt enable that as if i had pressed the button "on" i can go back and fore the 3 displays and then press each button to activate the corresponding value to change with the other encoder would i use a "soft" button or an event sender so that when i turn the selection encoder from its first point "lfo mod" to its second point "lfo res" and when it is on the second automatically put it in a "button on" state so i can then use the se
  13. slight issue. I have managed to hook up the individual leds tonight and check the code, its all working however using this: EVENT_BUTTON id= 4 fwd_id= LED:4 type= Meta meta= SetBankOfHwId:1 range=1:1 button_mode= OnOnly # "Bank 1" is fine, and the led it forwards to lights up, however when you press the next button: EVENT_BUTTON id= 5 fwd_id= LED:5 type= Meta meta= SetBankOfHwId:1 range=2:2 button_mode= OnOnly # "Bank 2" led 5 lights up but led 4 also stays lit, what would i use to turn off the previous led? in the past i used radio groups and maps leds.
  14. Decided to keep the buttons required for the selected item value change. It allows me to add space for a second panel to cater for these and also the menu system linked to a small oled. also a couple of other things i want to add now.
  15. put pictures of yours up, the front and back of the board, make sure they are clear photos. The only way to know if anything isnt right is by photos,of the pcb both side. are you sure have the right midi in and out selected in mios studio? Thnigs to do 1: take good clear pictures of the pcb top and bottom 2: what midi interface are you using? 3: screenshot of mios studio with your midi interface connected and the in out ports shown setup. 4: try sending the hex file and take a screenshot of the mios studio window when this is done if it fails or not. Then we
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