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CORE8 Problems

Jay Beckham

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I have two CORE8s for my organ.  The #0 is working fine and has 4 DIN cards attached for the first and second manual of my organ.

The second one we are trying to setup for a third manual, pedals, and pistons.  I had assistance from Graham Goode who is very knowledge and we created and loaded the file using MISIO128.  It also has 4 DINs attached.  I have tested the DINs and they are fine and the manual works from a continuity viewpoint.  I did attach a LCD to the Core and don't get the READY message that I should get.  Also using MISO Studio set to second Midi input and don't get any keys detected.

Also #0 is plugged into a CakeWalk Input 1 and #1 is plugged into it's Input 2.  Switching cables indicates the CakeWalk works.  So it seems I am back to the CORE8.  I obtained it from Smash TV a long time ago.

We don't know what to do now.

Thanks, Jay Beckham

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What is the device ID printed on the PIC? Maybe the two both have the same ID and hence communication only works with one of them? You can try to disconnect the known-working one and see if you get input.

If you need to change the IDs there's an app (.hex) for that that you upload with MIOS terminal. Thereafter reload your program.

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