MIDIO 128 Midifyin an Allen Organ to work with Hauptwerk

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Good morning. I was scrolling through the forum to find some help with my project. I am currently working on converting an old Allen 603D into a mid console using Hauptwerk VPO software as my virtual instrument. I have installed Core 32 with a total of 4 Din, 4 Dout 1MBHP DIO Matrix. I have only connected 8 lighted thumb pistons without connecting the light to just make sure things work. u uses the 8x8 matrix to make this connection. 1 common wire from this connection buttons is connected to Din PinD0 of J3 and the rest of the connection goes to my Dout J3 PinD0 through D7

When Hauptwerk VPO is running on the midi configuration wizard screen I was able to see  Midi box devices ref picture.  when I loaded the organ and tried to configured my piston, I wasn't able to auto-detect the piston. 

I have my 6buttons and the rotary encoder install. Also, noticed that when the Shift button is pressed Dout says OFF. could that be the problem?

Please help I am new this.

Configuration Screen.pdf

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Your connections are unclear; do you use the buttons in a matrix or directly connected to DIN pins? For direct connections, one common wire must be connected to 0V (ground), not to a digital input! Switches then trigger when the inputs connect to 0V.

Matrix wiring is more complicated and you have to arrange the buttons and LEDs (electrically, not necessarily layout-wise) in grids.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for responding latigid on. I followed the wiring direction for 8x8 buttons ( mbhp_din_8x8buttons.pdf ) I just realized that I never connected the required  "All Diodes: 1N4148" to the buttons. After rewiring the buttons and soldering the Diodes, I connected the controller to Hauprtwerk Virtual pipe organ sofware, and the stops on Hauptwerk kept turning on and off not allowing me to set each stop tab on Hauptwerk with my buttons. On the midi monitor at the bottom of the Hauptwerk main screen that shows midi activity. The midi light stays on. Normal operation, the light should come on and off when a button is depressed.  Any help 


The current configuration is 8 button connected in 8x8 matrix with the switch wire connected to Din::J3: D0 and the Common to DOUT::J3:D7





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