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Help needed troubleshooting newly built PIC based core


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Hi all,

I am a bit at a loss in trying to get a newly built PIC based core to run. It is built using the PCB from SmashTV and a PIC preprogrammed with Mios 1.9f I still had lying around unused for some years now.

Mios Studio shows "No response from ..." and cannot connect. The DeviceID is set correclty to 1, others don't work either.

I did the following tests so far:

Loopback test: removed the PIC, shortended pin 2 and 3 of J11: MiosStudio reports feedback loop, feedback works both for note and sysex messages.

Putting the PIC back in (and of course removing the bridge on J11): MIDI In shows request messages from PIC (f0 00 00 7e 40 00 01 f7) at one per second. To me this implies that

  • PIC is working and running the bootloader
  • MIDI Out from PIC is working and connection to PC

MiosStudio nevertheless reports "no response". That might now indicate that MIDI In is not working on the core. However, the loopback test worked, so MIDI In must work up to to J11! The connection to the PIC on the PCB looks ok, no Pins bent, so I would assume the signal is also reaching the PIC, but that is not responding.

So now the question:

What should I test next? Any ideas?

Thanks and best regards



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Adding to my previous post:

Putting in a PIC from a different piece of hardware MiosStudio reports a running application and the LCD shows the boot message and then the application specific data. This means: The core module itself is OK, the problem must be the PIC.

The bootloader appears to be running, the PIC is periodically sending upload requests, but MIOS (even though it should be on there) is not starting. Also, the bootloader is not responding to messages sent from Mios Studio, which says "no response from ..", it does not detect the bootloader.

Question: How can I fix this?




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Using a very old version of Mios Studio (beta7.5) I was able to upload Mios via hex file upload in manual mode (this option does not seem to exist any more in the recent versions?).

Now the PIC is booting and the LCD is displaying the normal Miso version message followed by READY!


Following that the current Mios Studio is also recognizing the device.

Interestingly it appears to have changed the ID from 1 to 0 in th process.

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