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cv output on LPC Core....


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on the LPC core, i should get a DAC-Output on Pin: (at least the shematic says that)

J5A A3


on App - init i put:

  aout_config_t config;
  config = AOUT_ConfigGet();
  config.if_type = AOUT_IF_INTDAC;
  config.if_option = 0;
  config.num_channels = 1; // INTDAC: only 2 channels supported, 8 channels pre-configured for your own comfort
  config.chn_inverted = 0;

(there is only one Internal Dac on LPC?)

and in the programm itself (app-tic)

i update the CV voltage like this:

	AOUT_PinSet(0, CV_OUT);

while CV_OUT is a value from 0-65535.... (?)

(or what Bitrate has the Internal DAC?)


or is there also a Pin-Crossing like on the STM-Core (SD-Card)?


for the moment it doesnt work... maybe i miss something - but with the things i wrote above - i get a Aout-NG working in the past...



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