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Led/vu Meter feedback from plugins


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Hi total noob, although I have been looking at the forums etc for quite some time and decided time to take the leap!! 

Since i don't have much knowledge and am learning, I was just trying to figure out if there is a way to get led/vu Meter feedback from plugins to an led or even an oled to show the vu meter?

Eg: ssl bus compressor plugin, the vu Meter, is it possible to get it to show in either led or OLED?

I know you can get led feedback from vpots from plugins to show the level on the encoder etc, but haven't been able to find any reference or even if it's possible to do with mcu or if a script will need to be created from scratch.

Any advice would be great or a point in the right direction :)

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I'm curious about the same thing, but think it is probably dependent on the DAW that you use. 

I have been using Opendeck (midi controller firmare you can flash to arduinos allowing you to create controllers without coding using a web editor), and it does led you control leds, but it depends on if the plugin/daw ouputs the information over MCU or whatever protocol. The guy behind it has made some epic DJ/Dub controllers, but I think he uses ableton. I use Pro Tools, which is a bit difficult to do anything midi related with.

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if ableton: showing vpot  does ableton from stock - when you you goe in midi cc edit mode - then click a vpot, then move a midibox rotary - done - the rest is a thing of midibox (showing the value)


fot VU valjes inside the channelstrip (between the vsts) you can use max4live to detect peak or average signal values and send it via midi or ethernet (to get midi outsidd a audio max patch was in the past a problem -there are workarounds-dont know what ableton11 fixex)to your midibox - you might not get vu values from inside of a plugin! but befor and afterwards.


on first scenario you have to script midibox ng (or code your own app in c based on mios...)

in second you have to code max msp - thats object programming (connect boxes with wires)

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