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FILE_DirExists with variable Dir


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thats works:

FILE_DirExists("a");	// check for a Folder named a


get the warning: "warning: passing argument 1 of 'FILE_DirExists' makes pointer from integer without a cast [enabled by default]"

char directory = a
FILE_DirExists(directory);	// directory is a variable


is it possible to check for a Variable-Dir?

file.c says:

//! Returns 1 if directory exists, 0 if it doesn't exist, < 0 on errors
s32 FILE_DirExists(char *path)
  DIR dir;

  if( !volume_available ) {
    DEBUG_MSG("[FILE_DirExists] ERROR: volume doesn't exist!\n");
    return FILE_ERR_NO_VOLUME;

  if( !path || !path[0] )
    return 0; // empty directory name - handle like if it doesn't exist

  return (file_dfs_errno=f_opendir(&dir, path)) == FR_OK;


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i got it:

// change Folder Directory  -  letter loadet from previos loaded SYS-File
char Folder = 'a';
char path[8];
strncpy(path,  "a       ", 8);
path[0] = Folder;
statusDir 	= FILE_DirExists(path);	 		// ask file.c: exist a folder "a/" on the CARD? //


char Folder = A’;
char path[8];
// Build File Path/0.t4      "
sprintf   (path, "%c/0.b4",Folder);

// ask file.c: exist a file "A/0.b4" on the CARD? // 
statusFile_patch = FILE_FileExists(path);	

and for delete all Files - and Directory(if all files are known and already deleted

// you need to delete each file on its own...
int c; for (c=0; c<256; c++)	{
						char remove[9];
 						 // make a new filename depending on the counter value
						sprintf   (remove, "%c/%d.b4",Folder,c);

						// Remove FILEs

// Remove Directory (can only be done if it empty
	// build path
	char remove[8];

	sprintf   (remove, "%c",Folder);

whoud be interesting, how to delete a folder if the Files inside are not known?

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