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Change crossfader to buttons on a denon midi controller


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Evening all, I do hope this is the right place to post this


I have a Denon MCX8000 and the crossfader needs replacing, however I'd like to do away with it altogether and replace it with buttons that mute momentarily when pressed

Trouble is I have no idea how to achieve this and thus i'm looking for advice/help. I did take the fader out to inspect it and noticed it only has three wires attached so in theory it'd be a ground and A and B?


Closing the ground to either A or B would work? or would I need a resistor too? or am I completely wrong?


Thank you for reading



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Hi Tony,

Not exactly the right place, here we talk about DIY MIDI Devices :shock:

There's no service manual/schematics available for this product, but.
https://www.planetdj.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/7/0/704-mc4k-b173-1.jpgDenon DJ Replacement Crossfader for MCX8000/MC4000
As you can see, pinout of the connector  CN1 is GND, ADC, VCC.
Means that pot drives an ADC(Analog to Digital Converter) with a ADC value range of GND to VCC
then ADC pin value range is ADC=GND (only channel A) to ADC=VCC (only channel B),
where center value is ADC=VDD/2 (both channels A and B mixed equally).
Both channels muted at the same time is not possible, using this ADC input.

Still possible to replace the fader, it's cheap ;)

Best regards

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Hey Antichambre, thank you for the reply


I'd really like to replace the fader for buttons if possible. From what you have sais there if i was to connect a momentary on switch to ADC and GND pressing that would mute channel B ?


Regards and apologies for posting in the wrong place

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