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Sid Ch Select


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Hi all,

I finally got my hands on some working sids for my MB-6582 and have been playing around with it. I gave up on hunting down ebay chips as most of them are not working. I got two already that half work for lead sounds but the rest does not work.

Anyway here is what I have so far:

Sid1 Swinsid x 2

Sid2 8580 x 2

Sid3 Swinsid x 2

Sid4 6581 x 2.

Unfortunately the Swinsids are not as loud as the real chips but they sound ok.

Is it normal that on the 6581 each time you select a different sound that it plays it in very low volume. I cannot hear this on any of the other chips?

What should happen if you select L/R or both chips on one sid? I was expecting to only hear the left or the right or both channels but nothing changes, I always hear both channels without any difference.



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Hi all

I am surely no expert in soldering and I probably did something wrong. If someone could tell me what happens on your midibox if you select the sid channels (L/R), that would really help.

I made a small video of the 6581 issue https://streamable.com/nbp45w

There is no midi connection I am just flicking through the presets of the bank A. The sound stays on  until I select another preset and it is especially noticeable on the Zelda Sounds. This only happens on the 6581, not on the Swinsid, neither the 8580. I moved the 6581 around to a different pic and the problem stays with it. Any thoughts?



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Thanks for getting back to me.

I tried the three working 6581 chips I have in Sid Socket 1 alone and they all have that issue. If I put the Swinsid or 8580 in that same socket it is gone.

I found this on the ucapps site:

  • After a sound has been played, you can sometimes still hear it in the background: thats also an known issue with the VCA of the SID chip.

This seems to happen to me but without playing anything just selecting a patch. Is there anything that can be done with settings to get rid of this?


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23 hours ago, 6040 said:

I probably should not have mixed two issues into one thread. What is the purpose of the Sid Ch Select (L/R)? I cannot hear any difference, not even on stereo patches.

I wondered about that too but had not invest into answers but this could explain it:


  • SIDn: toggles between LR, L- and -R. Here you can specify, if OSC, FIL and MOD parameter modifications should affect only the left, the right, or both SID channels. The SID number (SID1, SID2, SID3, SID4) has to be selected with the deticated SID buttons.
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