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Eurorack Frontpanel for LRE8x2 + PCBs to Hold Screens - incl Production Files


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@monokinetic I have ordered 5 Boards. 4 I need. 1 then left (1 board is for one LRE8x2) --- if you need more - or you are not in the EU, you know where to find the gerbers ;) and where to get the real cheap, but i suggest to wait untill i testet them.


still waiting for the PCBs (10-12 to ship...) - so 2 weeks or so there will be an update - if everything is right...

but i got the Acrylic Frontplate, and it fits for the LRE8x2... but the mounting holes for it are not necessery - because the Encoders hold the PCB :shock:

so the End version of the plate will not have this Holes.


the Alps (SIDstyle) Buttons hold nice, and the travel for the inbuilt encoder-buttons are working - so there is no need to remove the Encoders "Noses"

I have made a huge eurorack, so no space problems there... and of course the Panel fits (i let some Air for production)


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yes they worked...




and it looks very nice...




i highly recommend latigid onś Display driver: http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=display_driver

i tryed the multiplexing via J10B with a DoutX4 but i had walking lines here and there, so i took the display driver and it just works!

This is the pinout from the display driver J1-J8 to connect 4 screens aka 2 PCBs to it.




i made a video (build) - but i want to write some code first, so i have unit which i can work with it (to have a video jam for it...)


so you can order at least the PCBs - this take some time... in the meantime i change the frontpanel: i would remove the mounting holes for the LRE8x2 first...

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