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Edited with a Midibox.....


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Check out:http://aries.web-hosting.com/~bobzilla/music/.

These are some short samples of a release I just engineered.  The editing was done with a Midibox as a controller.

The band is Big Cookie and The Crumbs, a Texas Blues/Rock band.

Sorry I can't post the full songs, but they are not mine to post...  ;)

The rest of the bands info is at http://www.cookiecrumbs.tv , and if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area come see them live! (email me so we can get together)

Have fun!


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a really powerful group!

Guys who are able to play so perfectly together w/o the use of any computer (or sequencer) have my full respect.

:)  The lead guitar player (Big Cookie) is a tube purist, he builds his own line of amps, and some of the guitars that the band plays (Cookiecaster).  He actually has a bumper sticker on his truck that says "Use a transistor, go to Jail". (I have seen it!)  His line of amps sounds stellar, there were almost no changes made in the guitar sound from recording to final mixdown.  I have mixed some very good sounding guitar rigs in my life, and some very bad ones, but with this guys stuff you literally place the mic, zero the eq, and you are ready to go.  

I enjoy teasing him at every opportunity, by mounting fake tubes lit with LED's on and in digital things, having the roadies replace his amp head with a POD during show setup, etc.  

I'm not really a blues fan myself, but when I met these guys and saw the fun being had by all there was no going back.  Plus they play enough classic rock covers and technically challenging music live to keep me interested.   ;D

Any Midiboxers that live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area should contact me about coming to see a show as a guest, You will have a blast!

Have fun!


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