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Looking to begin the ULTIMATE MB-6582 build. Would appreciate your minds, imagination, and insight


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Hello everyone, my account is new (today) but I have been lurking on this forum for a few years now, owned an elektron sid station I bargained for on craigslist and then stumbled upon the awesome stuff you guys do here, and of course the legendary MB-6582. I promptly sold the sidstation and bought a set of 8 6582s, the PCB, and the enclosure/panels. They then sat in my closet for 4 years (life got in the way lol). Now it is time for me to finally attack this thing head on. My extreme lack of experience be damned! (made cables, and a couple basic kits, like midi thru box, guitar pedals, shit like that). 


I would like to incorporate all the clever innovations and tweaks to the original formula that you guys have come up with through the years all in one new machine. Things like the built in mixer, JXT to link the PCBs, barrel jack/option e wall wart psu, quieter fan, maybe OLED, etc. If you guys have any further suggestions or ideas, maybe things that you've thought about but you've already finished your build, it would be much appreciated. to top it all off, I want to build a nice wooden enclosure for this thing with my dad, be a nice father and son project and a nice way to take this thing to the next level. May get some custom panels too, who knows.

Below are threads I've found pertaining to some of the things I mentioned above for reference:


Wall wart style PSU with barrel jack/normal toggle OPTION E:

A nice filter cap, although Wilbas original spec does sound pretty good:

Addon mixer to simplify the outputs:

Quiet fan via the fellas on this thread:

Potentially an OLED screen? Would love to know if anyone else has tried this, and how it came out:

Alternatively this LCD board one of you put together to simplify things:



I appreciate your thoughts and your time! I'm excited to get the ball rolling.






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