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midibox LC and Sonar2.2


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I am in the process of building the midibox lc for use with Sonar 3.  I ran into one problem and a patch was developed by Thorsten, (see my post in the troubleshooting section).

I still have 2.2 installed, so I fired it up and it seems to work the same as sonar 3.  

I haven't completed all of the modules with all buttons and faders, but I've tested a few buttons and it seems to work properly.  I'm getting lcds to work and such right now.

Also, there is a Sonar help file for the Mackie Control that describes the buttons and functions.


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I read your post and saw the "quick" fix that Thorsten did. I'm also happy to hear that it works with Sonar 2.2!

Can I ask how many channels you chose to make? 16? 24? I'm hoping to make one like the new Tascam US-2400 that has 24 individual faders and a 25th one for a master fader.

Are you using the Panasonic or Alps faders? I'm thinking of getting one of the Panasonic faders and seing if there is a way to modify it to make the touch sensitive option work with it somehow. I know people have tried a few things, but there must be some way to add a wire or another contact point that touches the slide lever!

Finally, what LCD configuration are you using - 2x16, 2x40, or graphical, or ?? ?

I'll be curious to hear how yours goes since it matches what I want to do!! I hope you won't mind a few more questions!


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I'm planning to use just 8 motorfaders.  Probably panasonic, I haven't purchased them yet.

I am using 2 40x2 character lcds for the midibox lc.  The first is working and I'm wiring the second.  They are the cheap ones from B.G. Micro.

In my design, I'm planning to combine a midibox lc and a midibox 64.  So, I'll have 2 cores.  

So far:

I've built the JDM programmer and can program pics.

Built core modules.

Built a partial din module.

Purchased and connecting lcds. (In progress).

Keep in mind certain limitations on using multiple cores

running the midibox lc application.  I believe that Sonar can only communicate with one Mackie Control per midi interface.  If you want to use multiple cores for 8 fader banks per core, you should probably use the others as Mackie Contol XTs.  I haven't tried this, so I don't know if it would work.

I'm using a power supply from an old router that has +5, +12, and -12 volts dc outputs.  So far, this is working good and it seems to fit the requirements.  I haven't built the MF module yet, but I believe that requires +12 volts dc.  The -12 volts dc came in handle in wiring the lcd since its needed for the contrast adjustment.  

I'm happy to answer any questions, but as you may be guessing reading the info above, I'm taking this one step at a time and trying to overcome any issues as they arise.  So far, the lcds seem to be the biggest challenges for me.  The documentation in general on this site is so good that most questions are answered.  However, each lcd comes with it's own set of requirements that need to be understood and taken into account.


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