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  1. Question about the PIC16F88 programming: The description of the adaptor to go from a 40 pin programmer to 18 pin programmer looks fairly easy.  However, it only references using the MBHP_BURNER as the 40 pin programmer.  I've always used, (and only built), the JDM Programmer. Will the JDM programmer work with the PIC16F88 adaptor?  Has anyone tried it? Thanks for any answers. I'm extremely interested in the MidiBox Router application as I have many midi inputs but not many interfaces to my computer.  Cable rearranging everytime I want to try something, (and then testing the rewiring), doesn't lend itself to creativity.  The MidiBox Router would be a great put it all together and leave it that way solution, I think. xile
  2. Mackie Control C4 Clone

    I should have added that the C4 Commander is a free download on the Mackie site.  Also, there is a Programming Guide and Owner's Manual for the software. xile
  3. Mackie Control C4 Clone

    Mackie has released the C4 Commander "Middleware" to allow users to create their own layouts for hardware or software on the C4 hardware.  It's beyond me, but there may be someone here who can use that tool to figure out the midi communication of the C4. It's pretty neat.  I was able to control the B4 software instrument from the C4 Commander software.  Using Midi Ox, I could see the midi data that would have been sent out if there was a C4 hardware controller connected to configure it to match my software layout. xile
  4. newbie questions (lc with sonar...)

    The parameter names are displayed and you can move through the different ones.  I don't know about the specific VSTs that you mentioned, though. xile
  5. newbie questions (lc with sonar...)

    Hi rambinator, I'm a Sonar 3 user and I'm building a MidiboxLC.  I put together some modules to test the functionality, although I haven't finished in yet In Sonar 3 my only complaint was that it would work with the channel EQs built into Sonar Producer Edition.  Other VST effects and instruments usually worked fine.  Occasionally one would not automatically be recognized by the MidiboxLC. I will be upgrading to Sonar 4 Producer soon.  Hopefully the built in channel EQs will be recognized in that version. If you have questions about specific VST effects or instruments, I'll answer if I can. xile
  6. Module connection for Mackie Clone

    For using the MBLC with Sonar, see the thread: Midibox LC and Sonar Question in the Troubleshooting forum.  Thorsten created a patch that works great. xile
  7. Have you used a program like MidiOx to be sure that you are getting the sysex string from the core?
  8. Anyone know if there is any info on configuring the MidiboxLC to use the LTC module?  I've been looking but haven't found anything. I think I understand how it can be done in the menu of the Midibox64. Also, should the serial cable from the LTC module to the PC be a straight through cable? xile
  9. I think you need to use something like "MidiOx" that will allow you to use virtual midi ports so that you can send midi data between applications on a computer. xile
  10. Well, the host messages are now displaying properly.  I started over with a clean build, but that wasn't the problem.  It turns out that that combination of MidiOx and my USB midi interface seem to be the problem.  When I bypassed MidiOx, the USB interface would work, even though it wasn't perfect all the time.   I have another midi interface and it's working properly, even with MidiOx. xile
  11. I've been working on this for a couple of weeks, but I've tried everything I can think of for now. I'm using the MidiboxLC application with 2 2x40 CLCD displays.  Host program is Sonar, but I had the same result with a friend's PC using Cubase. Also, I'm using the Sonar patch to the lc_mproc.inc file referenced in the topic "Midibox LC and Sonar Question". I have tested the 2 LCDs and they appear to be working correctly.  I've tried the sysex commands that allow writes to the screen and they work.   I've also tried version commands: f0 00 00 66 14 13 f7 ... and I get the proper response. I've even written gibberish to the LCD using the MTC Write command: f0 00 00 66 14 10 ..... f7 However, from what I can tell, the midibox is not responding to the Write_LCD command: f0 00 00 66 14 12 .... f7 There are definately changes in the Sonar mod file, lc_mproc.inc, that appear to relate to this command that are not in the file in 1.4 MidiboxLC distribution.  Unfortunately, when I modify the Sonar mod file to match the original except for the MC Query addition, the file won't compile properly. Also, I tried the GPC mode and MF Cali mode and the display seemed to work fine. Also, I had another problem early on that related to the lc_init.inc file.  I believe the line: #if LCD_USE_SECOND ... should read: #if LCD_USE_SECOND == 1 ... in order to get the 2 LCDs to display properly.  How do I get this suggestion checked out and the file changed if necessary? Thanks. xile
  12. I'll help you once I get a working config.   I'm about to start over with a clean build based on Thorsten's feedback. We'll get Sonar working with the Midibox LC! xile
  13. Hello xsou, Did you ever resolve your display problem when you were getting: "XXXX   LOGIC CO  LATION" I had the exact problem until I changed the file lc_init.inc.  The line below reads: #if LCD_USE_SECOND ... in the file.  I changed it to: #if LCD_USE_SECOND == 1 The "Logic Control Emulation ready" message then displayed correctly accros both of the 2x40 lcds. Next problem, I'm not getting any host messages to display.  The Beats and Status seem to work fine though. Regards, xile
  14. midibox LC and Sonar2.2

    I'm planning to use just 8 motorfaders.  Probably panasonic, I haven't purchased them yet. I am using 2 40x2 character lcds for the midibox lc.  The first is working and I'm wiring the second.  They are the cheap ones from B.G. Micro. In my design, I'm planning to combine a midibox lc and a midibox 64.  So, I'll have 2 cores.   So far: I've built the JDM programmer and can program pics. Built core modules. Built a partial din module. Purchased and connecting lcds. (In progress). Keep in mind certain limitations on using multiple cores running the midibox lc application.  I believe that Sonar can only communicate with one Mackie Control per midi interface.  If you want to use multiple cores for 8 fader banks per core, you should probably use the others as Mackie Contol XTs.  I haven't tried this, so I don't know if it would work. I'm using a power supply from an old router that has +5, +12, and -12 volts dc outputs.  So far, this is working good and it seems to fit the requirements.  I haven't built the MF module yet, but I believe that requires +12 volts dc.  The -12 volts dc came in handle in wiring the lcd since its needed for the contrast adjustment.   I'm happy to answer any questions, but as you may be guessing reading the info above, I'm taking this one step at a time and trying to overcome any issues as they arise.  So far, the lcds seem to be the biggest challenges for me.  The documentation in general on this site is so good that most questions are answered.  However, each lcd comes with it's own set of requirements that need to be understood and taken into account. xile
  15. midibox LC and Sonar2.2

    I am in the process of building the midibox lc for use with Sonar 3.  I ran into one problem and a patch was developed by Thorsten, (see my post in the troubleshooting section). I still have 2.2 installed, so I fired it up and it seems to work the same as sonar 3.   I haven't completed all of the modules with all buttons and faders, but I've tested a few buttons and it seems to work properly.  I'm getting lcds to work and such right now. Also, there is a Sonar help file for the Mackie Control that describes the buttons and functions. xile
  16. I'm a new forum member, but I've been reading and visiting the site for about 3 months.  As so many have said before, this is an awesome project and I'd like to thank Thorston and all that have contributed to it. Up to this point, I've built the JDM programmer, 1 core module, and 1 din module to get a better understanding of the operation of the Midibox before starting a design.  Everything is working as expected after having read and digested the experiences of others.  I've programmed 2 pics, one with the Midibox64 application and one with the MidiboxLC application. I've run into a situation that I haven't been able to figure out reading through this site or searching on the internet. When using Sonar with the MidiboxLC application, set to Mackie Control emulation, Sonar can't "connect" to the MidiboxLC.  I sends the following sysex string repeatedly: F0 00 00 66 14 1A 00 F7 F0 00 00 66 15 1A 00 F7 I understand this much: F0 = SYSEX HEADER 00 00 66 = MACKIE ID 14 OR 15 = NOT SURE, MAYBE DEVICE ID 1A = PROBABLY A COMMAND TO PERFORM AN OPERATION 00 = DATA FIELD? F7 = END OF SYSEX MESSAGE Has anyone tried to use Sonar with the MidiboxLC application and if so, how is this problem addressed?  I could spoof a response with MidiOx if I knew the right response.  Or maybe there's a way for the MidiboxLC application to respond that I haven't figured out yet. I'd like to see if this issue can be overcome before I start working on a design. Any advice would be appreciated! xile
  17. Hello Thorsten, I'll try connecting the RS pin from the core to the D/I pin of the LCD and update the topic with the results. I'll also check the LCD type in MIOS ID header, but I'm pretty sure I set that correctly. Does this mean that there is no connection required to the RST pin of the LCD?  In my configuration, every other core to LCD pinout matched except the RS, CS3, and CS4 or the core and the RST and D/I or the LCD.  If the RS from the core connects to the D/I of the LCD, that still leaves the CS3 and CS4 of the core unconnected.  Is this a problem? Thanks. xile
  18. Hello Allen, Having the same problem, looking without success to figure out how to connect the d/i pin on the lcd.  Have you had any luck? xile
  19. Wow, that was quick.  I tested your fix and Sonar now connects to the MidiboxLC without a problem. Thank you for your help. xile
  20. You must add the control surface. Options-->Control Surfaces-->(Window opens)Select the add button-->(Window opens)Select Mackie control Then just select your input and output midi ports that connect to the controller. Also, try the following: View-->Toolbars-->(Window opens)Select "Control Surfaces" This will add a toolbar to the interface. When the Mackie control is selected from the toolbars pulldown, you should see the message, "connecting". Also, the sysex messages should start as soon as you select and OK the input and output midi ports. xile xile
  21. Thanks for the reply. Link to Cakewalk trial downloads: http://www.cakewalk.com/download/default.asp#windows The program is Sonar 3. There's nothing mentioned in the limitations on the trial version about not being able to use a control surface, so it should work. Also, you mentioned sysex documentation for the Mackie Control, is there a link to that? xile