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  1. Anyone have a netlist generated?

    You are the man! :D Thanks!
  2. Anyone have a netlist generated?

    Thanks - Anyone have it for the other boards? -DJ
  3. Panasonic faders and touch idea

    Check this out for a breakout diagram of the inside of a Penny and Giles 3000 series fader... :)
  4. Panasonic faders and touch idea

    Hey - here's some info that might be helpful to some of you inventive types out there on this topic.... It's a description of how Penny and Giles touch sensitive motor faders are built. -DJ
  5. Anyone have a netlist generated?

    That's great - except I don't have Eagle! Would you be willing to dump out a netlist? Thanks!
  6. I'm curious is anyone has generated a netlist for the various boards within a Midibox? I'd like to layout my own board - grouping all of the various components (like 2 cores) onto one board. Having a netlist would make that job easier and faster! Anyone?
  7. Anyone know if these buttons would work well? E-switch TL1105BF160Q They are round, about 6mm tall above the base and soft. I think they might work perfectly - but I'd like to know if someone has tried them or something similar before I buy! Thanks!
  8. Panasonic faders and touch idea

    Any new ideas on this? Anyone tried anything yet? I'm close to ordering some faders and might consider buying one of the Panasonics just to try something - but if someone's already figured it out - I'll go on ahead and order a bunch and modify them all! Let me know!
  9. Also - would you be willing to share EAGLE files or gerber data of the board layouts? Thanks again!
  10. Would you be willing to provide some info on the buttons, encoders, and shuttle wheel? There are so many options, I'm having a hard time deciding! I like your choices and would like to know part numbers if you have them. Thanks!
  11. $1 Bourns encoders @ the MIDIbox Store

    I'm still thinking that the Panasonics could be modified to be touch sensitive. Look up the thread on that subject to catch the discussions on that. I think it's possible - just haven't had time to explore it myself yet.
  12. Module connection for Mackie Clone

    I remember someone had already tried Sonar with some success. I've tried to search for that thread but can't find it. I know it works - but can't remember who it was! I plan to build the beginnings of an LC unit - probably just the shuttle and zoom buttons for now. I'll add the other stuff later. When I get it built, I'll let you know how it goes.
  13. Panasonic faders and touch idea

    Anyone ever explore this idea? I've been busy with other stuff and haven't been able to dive in on this project. Surely there is a way to use those cheap panasonics with touch sensitivity! :D
  14. So, to make one of these work with Sonar, theres a recompile involved? Any chance of updating the code that needs to be flashed (or downloaded) that's available directly from the site? I haven't gotten familiar enough with the code yet to tackle a re-compile!
  15. How much (in USD) and where to get them? Do they have a built in switch option?