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hanging notes


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I get trouble with hanging notes with my rm1x with the midibox sequencer.

1) when I set the gate time too long (above 5 with bpm ~ 140, independent mode)

2) when i quit the sequencer menu or stop the sequence, one note doesn't go off.

3) sometimes, some notes just spontaneously hang by themselves.. maybe it's something with the midi buffer in the rm1x (it fills up with those note-ons w/o note-off).

the suggestion i can give (referring to note 2): send from all the 16 notes in 1 sequence a note-off, when leaving the sequencer menu or stopping. With sending those 16 notes-off you are sure that no note will hang.

What about this?

Regards, TraiZor

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Hi TraiZor,

I implemented something like a MIDI note queue which ensures that every Note On gets an Note Off, independent from the sequencer state. Maybe you noticed a new corner case which havent been checked before - since I also own a RM1x, could you please describe, how I can reproduce the problem exactly? How did you connect your MIDIbox with the RM1x? You can also send me a .syx file with the configuration.

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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about note 2:

the note-hanging does NOT occur on stopping the sequence with snapshot, but does occur (most of the time) on leaving the sequencer menu with Exit to the mainmenu with these settings:

mode independent (I don't think this is relevant)

high bpm (140+)

high gatelength (4, not 5 because then it also will hang (see above))

and then leaving sequencer menu..

you can easily reset the rm1x with going to song mode and then back to pattern mode.

btw, I still use the 0.34a version, does that matter?

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Alright, now it's clear. It seems to be a bug, it should be fixed in v0.035

v0.034b is only necessary if you would like to use the RM1x as MIDI clock master and the MIDIbox64 as MIDI clock slave, because this didn't work with v0.034a

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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