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mbhp_blm_scalar - improved shematic


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i am currently working on a BLM16x16+X.

based on the improvements released here: blm16x16_build_guide




Improved Circuit:



The Kicad-Files for it: BLM-Scalar-einfach.zip

All shematic Symbols have SMD-Parts (with 3D bodys) assigned,

also MouserPart Numbers are assigned

---but: its not routed - since i will integrate this circuit (like LatigidON did) on the BLM-PCB itself.


- I have no interest to Route the Scalar PCB itself - but its a good starting point - if somebody want to make a own PCB.


based on that, i am currently working on a BLM16x16+X:




I hope i made no mistakes in the shematic...


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this will take a while - look into the forum in 5 weeks or so.

i need the PCB to make a new version off Triggermatrix (http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=triggermatrix4)

the Frontpanel is not a generic MatrixController thing - it has 17 Displays, 8 Faders, some rotarys and buttons, the Software for this is not a normal Midicontroller-code (aka Midibox NG) - its my own creation a sequencer based on MIOS.

- but if i not make a shematic mistake, the pcb should be usable like the orginal BLM16*16+X in other Midibox Projects.

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