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LC with 17 Encoders


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I had this idea when I realised that the Panasonic motorfaders are useless in the LC emulation(not touch sensitive).

So i though that instead of the motorfaders to have another 8 encoders that means 17 in total.

My querry is firstly are there 8 available spare connectors for the encoders and last does that need changes in the code?


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Check under Midibox LC/Design

There is a .pdf with the connections for encoders. The top picture only shows the (1) dinx4 board. You can hook 4 of them up, so yes you can use 17 encoders.

As for programming, you will have to set up your miditables correctly, that I know. There will be a little bit of setup, but nothing should be too complicated.

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... ever thought of building something like this with encoder and LED bar underneath the belt?


You could take a crawler of RC tanks for the belt or rubber touth belt


or mold one out of silicone.

I once tried (about 10 or 15 years ago) one of those p&g at a music fair... they don't feel too bad... better than rotary encoders.

Greets, Roger

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